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I for one, will welcome our new coalition overlords..

..if and when it goes thru of course, though it’s become much closer to reality now with this news:

Opposition deal would oust Harper, pour billions into economy

Opposition parties have reached a tentative deal that would see Liberal Leader Stephane Dion take over as interim prime minister and pump billions of dollars into the economy…The Liberal caucus agreed Monday to support the tentative deal and allow Dion to take over as prime minister until a new leader is picked next spring. “We’ve decided that the only person and the best person to lead and form a coalition government is the elected leader of our party … Stephane Dion,” said leadership hopeful Dominic LeBlanc.“We are comfortable with that, we support that and we think that’s right”

By the way, the decision to keep Dion as interim leader and PM of this coalition was described as being unanimous amongst the Liberal caucus, and that all 3 Liberal leadership candidates spoke out in favour of Dion. A good piece of work by Jeff in getting the transcripts of Iggy, Rae and Leblanc.

(And may I just reiterate, take anything you read in the National Post with a large pound of salt).

UPDATE: Joint opposition news conference at 4 pm EST

UPDATE 2: News conference moved back to 4:30 pm.


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