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Destroy Harper before he destroys us all!

Okay, so that’s a bit of an over-dramatic title, but that’s more or less what Scott Reid, former adviser to Paul Martin, more or less suggested yesterday in a Globe and Mail op-ed column urging the opposition parties not to let Harper off the hook:

First things first: take him out… he is weak. In fact, at this particular moment, he is almost unable to defend himself. Owing to a ridiculously ill-considered act of hubris, he has laid himself vulnerable to his opponents. Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power. Because you can be damn certain he will never again be so reckless as to give you a chance to finish him off.

I don’t think I can really remember the last time I agreed with anything Reid has ever said. In fact, I don’t think, looking at Progressive Bloggers yesterday and today, I can remember such a unanimous roar of approval from NDP and other non-Liberal blogs quoting Reid approvingly as they have done so over this column. One thinks he might get nominated for an Order of Canada or something 😉

Reid’s points are valid though; this is a an early wrapped Christmas present handed to us by Harper’s pathological hatred of the Liberals and his trying to use every opportunity to destroy them, even at the expense of the country. In doing so, he has unwittingly exposed his government to defeat and possibly an end to his career in politics (See the Conservative anti-Harper quotations in the paper and even websites popping up already as reported last night).

We should not be looking a gift-horse like this in the mouth. It’s time to take him out whether its on Dec 8 or after Christmas, if Harper does a prorogue as Stephen Taylor is hearing and probably hoping.

I wonder what Taylor’s attitude on his blog was back in 2005 when Martin was contemplating prorogue to save his government, or what Harper’s statements said on the topic, for that matter. That might be fun to research.


5 comments to Destroy Harper before he destroys us all!

  • Its a great opportunity before us. The Liberals and NDP with the support of the BLOC can give us good government for the next 2 years.

    If you want to support the coalition then sign a petition.

  • whyshouldIsellyourwheat

    Reid’s comments are not surprising (and I agree with “mr. popcorn’nbeer”, since the thing the Martinis were ultimately successful at was “killing the king”.

    They killed Chretien, and then they killed Martin!

  • kwittet

    I will try to post again as my other post mysteriously did not show up?
    I find this whole scenario shamefull..right from Harper cutting funding( and IF AND IT IS A BIG IF) if the purpose is to kill the other parties. I dont think that is the reason but I know nothing so my opinion doesnt matter. I would love to know what the Liberals and NDP along with the traitors(BLOC) think that they can do to save the canadian financial meltdown when the whole world is going into the tank? Talk about GOD syndrome!! And then to sleep with the enemy..the BLOC…who’s sole purpose is to dismantle canada as we know it…shame on you people. And I do remember during the election that the liberals said we WILL NOT form a coalition with the NDP!! My my how things have changed when the desperate people they are are still sore losers and see this as a way to get back into power. very sad indeed. Is Harper doing enough? HELL NO!! IS THIS THE ANSWER.. HELL NO. ELt the man lead and give him some rope. If he hangs himself then you are right..if he doesnt then you are wrong. The economy is going to tank because we are being dragged down with the rest of the world. Do you liberals really think you can make Canada an island in this tough times?

  • I think proroguing would make it just too obvious to the public as to what Harper wants & why he’s doing it – to maintain power & control. And in these distressful, worsening economic times the people would NOT be pleased.

  • footothefire

    I couldn’t agree more. The country would contend with spasms, fits and venom from op-ed artisans but the country would be the better for it. Hey, after all, Harper tried to initiate the same thing in 2004 so clearly he knows what can and can’t be done. As to what might be an insult to voters, my bet would be Canada has had enough of an incompetent who ‘fiddles while Rome burns’, and uses Prime Ministerial power as a personal toy.

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