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Just curious about 1 thing over this potential defeat of Harper.

How many Blogging Tory sites before and during the election campaign were calling on Harper and the Conservatives to eliminate public election financing? For that matter, how many were calling for it in between election day and prior to the leakage about Flaherty intending to eliminate it 3 days ago?

It certainly wasn’t in the Conservative Party platform. And, as I recall, it wasn’t passed or even talked about as a resolution out at the CPC policy Convention in Winnipeg.

Strange how it’s become a matter of utmost importance now that the Conservative government is in peril, eh?


9 comments to Just curious about 1 thing over this potential defeat of Harper.

  • kwittet

    but to lay down and sleep with the devil(BLOC) who in my opinion are TRAITORS to this country disgusts me!!

    you liberals say you are for this country but you are willing to go ask the bloc who want to break it up and ask for help.

    so to me it looks like a desperate power grab..but who knows..i guess we will see how it alll works out..and i would love to know where the billions are going to come from..thousands laid off so less taxes coming in and not too long ago you were all screaming because harper said he may need to run a deficit…bet that is going to be the new liberal keyword for this crisis..deficit..and we are all smart enough to realize it cant be avoided no matter who is in power!!

  • sb

    The opposition can’t trust the Cons to rule without engaging in more Karl Rovian tactics. No more guns to the head by the Cons.

    The opposition need to cut this dead horse asap, as Scott Reid says on the G&M right now.

  • sb

    It wasn’t discussed in the election campaign.

    It wasn’t mentioned in the speech from the throne.

    And it wasn’t raised in the talks between Harpie and the Opposition leaders after the election.

    It was attached to the economic statement by Harper in his “Joe Clark” moment.

    Turf the Cons. Coalition all the way.

  • Roll Tide

    @Scott Tribe

    It goes to show you that the Bloc and the Liberals have little faith in the financial support from their own supporters.

  • JAWL

    Hey johnny

    A new idea as in let’s add this line then we can screw the opposition for the next five years.

    That’s not a new idea for Harper that’s his raison d’etre

  • @Roll Tide
    Uh.. no.. it was more like Harper thought he could get away with sticking it to the opposition parties in general and the Liberals in particular:

    “That’s why Stephen Harper has to wear this political mess himself. He personally ordered the incendiary paragraph inserted into Thursday’s fiscal update, ignored warnings from his own MPs who felt it was a lousy idea..”

  • Roll Tide

    I think the Conservatives were overly optimistic that all political parties would be willing to lead by example in tougher times. Raising your own money can be done, just ask Obama.

  • @johnny – Nice to see you BT’ers are so polite.. all on edge perhaps from the imminent defeat of your fearless Leader screwing up tactically?

    As for Taylor.. thats ONE out of a couple of hundred blogging Tory syncophants, and the fact he lauded it a few days ago to be used as a blow against the Liberals rather then even pretending to use Flaherty’s line that it was political parties leading by example is probably what galvanized everyone on the progressive blogosphere agaisnt it.

    So, I must thank Stephen (Taylor) for
    his open gloating over the “tactic”, as well as Stephen Harper for his not being able to resist taking partisan cheapshots over an economic crisis. It served uniting the bloggers of the other parties well, just as it did the opposition political parties.

  • johnny

    because the ECONOMY is in peril, you retard. its called a “new idea”, it has to start someplace.

    and for the record, ‘blogging tories’ founder Stephen Taylor DID call for it over a month ago.

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