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Friday thoughts on Iggy.

A couple of things this AM. There are a few Liberals like Jim that are upset with Iggy’s campaign manager sending out a fund raising note urging people to donate to him so he can stop Harper. While I would have preferred that the letter would have been less to do urging donations to Iggy and more to do with donating to the Liberals as a whole, this is the sort of appeal and sort of “donate to help us fight Harper” stuff the Liberals have been lacking. No one in Canada is Barack Obama; but copying his fundraising methods is perfectly acceptable to me – and we need more of it, like what the Iggy campaign is doing.

The other thing about Ignatieff I want to discuss; there are reports that the NDP and the BQ will not support a Liberal government or coalition if Dion is at the helm. Unfortunately, there are many Liberals in the caucus who feel the same way. That’s the reality.

As I understand things, the Liberal party Constitution provides the Liberal executive with the power – in consultation with caucus – to appoint a new leader without going the Convention route, in case of an emergency (death of the leader or an immediate resignation). The fact of the matter is that Ignatieff has the most support in caucus and the executive, and he would surely be the pick. If that’s what is needed to be done to secure the support of the other opposition parties to be able to assure the Governor-General that a Liberal Party can grab the support of a majority of the House, then that to me is a no-brainer.

Take the vote in caucus to confirm who has the most support, appoint that guy leader, and make sure to give the other leadership candidates and Dion good Cabinet posts. Then, get on to the business of trying to negotiate with the other opposition parties a way of staying in power for at least a year, and go about repairing the damage that has been done by Harper the past 2 1/2 years.

As a footnote, I’ll add that I see we have another Liberal blogger endorsing Iggy – this time Blast Furnace Canada, so I’ll add his blog to the Iggy blog endorsers, in which Ignatieff has grabbed an early lead in endorsements, but which may be irrelevant if the above talked about scenario with the executive takes place.

Late Update: Whoa!

Former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien and ex-NDP leader Ed Broadbent are reportedly talking about a potential coalition between the two parties, a day after the minority Conservatives delivered their first fiscal update since re-election six weeks ago.

We live in strange times, folks.

UPDATE 2 @ 11: 16 am: An Alternative scenario proposed: If there is going to be a catfight between Liberal leadership candidate supporters over who gets to be PM in any proposed coalition, Miranda proposes picking an interim leader/PM who is acceptable to all concerned – other opposition parties as well as Liberal leadership supporters. There should be no “dealbreaker” because certain Liberals are fighting over who gets to be the Liberal leader and ergo the PM in a coalition.


10 comments to Friday thoughts on Iggy.

  • mushroom

    I may have got ahead of myself, but I cannot see the Grits slam the door on the NDP and not offer Mulcair something major.

    It was Layton and Mulcair that came up with the proposal to go with the coalition government thing and send Broadbent to talk to Chretien. They needed something big to happen after winning 37 seats. A former Quebec Liberal Cabinet Minister would be easily accomodated by the Grits, given their weakness in La Belle Province. It would also have to be one of the three superministries (Finance, Foreign Affairs, or Justice). I pick Finance due to Mulcair’s impending fatal blow on Flaherty.

  • Gayle

    Why would Mulcair get finance?

  • @mushroom

    Uh.. just where are you getting the information that Muclair getting finance is a “given”?

  • mushroom

    Blast Furnace,

    Once the Liberal-NDP deal is etched in stone and ratified, it is game, set, and match. From Flaherty’s rhetoric, he has already ripped the steering wheel from the car.

    Mulcair will get Finance, this is a given. Rae will probably be given Foreign Affairs and Leblanc Justice. Since it is Layton who initiated this deal, he will be content with a major social policy portfolio.

    I don’t care too much of when the next election will be. Everything will be dependent on the Bloc. Once they withdraw support of the coalition, then there will be a new election.

  • Mark

    I am not an Ignatieff supporter, but good on him and his campaign team for sending out an email that LPC was too lazy to bother with. If the Party Office creates a vacuum, then the leadership candidates will fill it.

  • I never would have thought of that possibility either, Mushroom, but what fun that would be. Or even Jack Layton.

    Three things need to be worked out: Who gets what department; there has to be an agreement there won’t be an election for at least two years; and if Rae and LeBlanc withdraw (which is a very tricky issue at this stage) they would have to be given some pretty senior jobs as compensation.

    Of course, Flaherty may cave in on the public financing issue as well as on some other points in which case this is all an academic exercise.

    The GG must be wondering now why she ever accepted the job.

  • You have cheered me up, Mushroom.

  • mushroom

    “We are faced with a choice between Harper and Iggy?”

    Who would have thought Thomas Mulcair as possible Finance Minister?

  • We are faced with a choice between Harper and Iggy?

    God is making fun of me.

  • I think replacing Dion with any of the 3 leadership candidates is wrong because it gives that candidate an unfair advantage in terms of publicity. Being the leader, he is the public face of the party and would therefore get far more media attention by virtue of his position.

    I think the best idea for a replacement would be somebody who has yet to publicly support any of the 3 candidates, and then have Mr. Dion and the 3 leadership candidates serve in the cabinet in relatively equal Ministries.

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