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Random Observations – Harper, Colombia, more Iggy blog endorsements.

– In case you missed it, Harper has signed a Free Trade agreement with Colombia, which has had one of the worst human-rights records in the hemisphere, as well as still being the largest producer of cocaine in the world. It’s not a surprise Harper would sign this despite all of that, since he considers Colombia and its president Uribe to be an ideological friend, and he has dismissed calls before that he is placing trade over human rights. The Toronto Star is right in calling for opposition MP’s to force Harper to commission an independent human rights assessment of the country before approving this Free Trade Agreement.

– If there are any true principled Conservatives left, they must be beating themselves over the head with frustration that Harper is suddenly embracing the teachings of John Maynard Keynes over Milton Friedman. I’m not sure why people are so surprised about this. Harper has shown that he will do whatever he can to stay in power, even if that means doing a total flip-flop on issues, like for instance proclaiming during the election campaign that he would never take us into deficit, and then a month later proclaiming deficit spending was “essential” to prevent a full-scale recession. Talk about “bait-and-switch”; Harper is proving to be a master of it. I’m sure the folks over at Blogging Tories will hold their tongue in check, because I’m sure they’ll assure themselves the ends justify the means (the ends being a Conservative majority so that “real Conservative policies” can be implemented).

– I should re-emphasize that I’m still neutral in the Liberal leadership race, but I have to agree with Steve’s blogpiece yesterday that Bob Rae didn’t do himself any favours when by trying to defend his record as Premier in Ontario, he more or less absolved the current Conservative government and Harper from much of its responsibility for its current and potential economic mishandling of Canada’s economy and budget. That would be a significant neutering of an issue that will again be the main focus of the next election.

– That Rae interview probably led in part to Steve endorsing Ignatieff today at his blog. I note that another Liberal blogger, Kyle Selmes of Random Noise (and one of my moderators at Prog Blog), also endorsed Iggy today. Both of these bloggers I’d classify as being on the left of the Liberal Party. Both of these bloggers supported other candidates beside Iggy in 2006, yet both have decided to support him this time around. It is very significant if Iggy can win over people on the left-of-centre of the LPC, when he is considered by many to be on the centre-right. So, 2 more blogs go to Iggy’s list on the right sidebar.


8 comments to Random Observations – Harper, Colombia, more Iggy blog endorsements.

  • I see. Well, I’m kinda Liberal right endorsing Rae.

    Secondly, why is Mr. Rae the only one being blame for letting Mr. Harper off the hook?

    Where is Iggy and Domo’s statements about the Harper economy. Where are they taking Harper on? Did I miss their press conferences? Oh. I forgot. Iggy’s not allowed to talk until the convention.

    Steve, in all fairness. Tit for tat. Saying something is better than saying nothing at all.

  • @James Curran

    I certainly never claimed that. When some Liberals that are considered on the right support Rae, I’m sure someone will point it out.

    I was just making the point that a # of the “Liberal left” – at least online – seem to be endorsing Iggy, when they wouldn’t have considered doing so 2 years ago.

  • So let me get this straight. Only the left side of the party will support Rae?

  • Just to add, I’ve noticed lately that people have no real concept what “progressive” means, they just assume that the farther left you are translates into a progressive agenda. Doesn’t work that way, but then again the term has been so bastardized, it’s almost useless at this point, or more correctly, just a partisan talking point. If being progressive means I have no understanding of global economic realities, embracing dinosaur social models and class warfare, then I’ll gladly run from the term.

  • jay

    Last time I checked, 19th century socialism isn’t “progressive”.

  • jay

    I find it interesting that all the ‘left’ ‘prog’ liberals that have endorsed Iggy have twisted themselves into rhetorical, ideological pretzels to do it. I guess that is why they are ‘progressive’ liberals cause they sure ain’t progressives that believe in progressive principles.

  • Scott

    Interesting to note, Flaherty JUST used Rae’s words in QP to deflect criticism on the deficit.

  • RNT

    Its “Colombia” not “Columbia”

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