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The voting commences at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards

First round of voting is now in progress at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards (with one notable category exception. It seems those unhappy that this category was even there to begin with tried to make a mockery of the nomination process, so the CBA folks are correctly trying to sort the legitimate nominees from the ones sent in trying to discredit it, and I’m sure voting for it will begin shortly).

Despite the fact the numerous categories (and at times numerous blogs and choices to vote for) make this feel like an American type ballot with all its numerous questions, I encourage you to go and vote for your favourite blog in the categories listed (and you don’t have to vote for them all at once or on the same day, and you don’t even have to vote in all categories if you don’t see any blogs you want to vote for).

First round voting ends on Nov 29th, so be sure you get over there to show support for your favourite blogs!

UPDATE @ Nov 24, 8:50 am: The Best Feminist Blog Category is now ready to be voted on.


4 comments to The voting commences at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards

  • saskboy1

    I’d say that’s a fair comparison deBeauxOs. We’ll both have to wait and see what the judge thinks too.

  • Let’s say for the purpose of drawing a comparison, that there was a Canadian Blog Award category for bloggers who are business people living in rural areas and who make a livelihood from raising, breeding and showing prize animals.

    How would the blogger/owner of Small Dead Animals – legitimately nominated to this category – feel about the nomination of a vegan, animal rights activist who does not blog about that specific field of activity except to ridicule, castigate, vilify, and claim that dog breeders are no better than puppy mill operators.

    I would imagine that she, and others nominated to that category would feel justifiably affronted if the judges retained the activist’s nomination.

  • As one who grrrlcotted last year’s awards, I’m waiting to see what decision has been made before participating. I hope others do too.

  • And people can take their time, just don’t leave it until the last day in case the polls close earlier than expected.

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