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List of blog endorsements of Liberal leadership candidates update

Things have slowed down a bit on the blog endorsement front in the past week or so, but I thought this would be a good time to mention how the 3 leadership candidates for the Liberal Party leadership are doing endorsement wise amongst the Liberal blogs (both those on Liblogs and those who aren’t).

As you might expect being “the front-runner”, Michael Ignatieff leads with 9 blogs endorsing him – he got an additional blog endorsement today courtesy of Vijay Sappani’s blog. Bob Rae comes in second with 6 blog endorsements, followed closely by Dominic Leblanc with 5. So, Bob and Dom’s blog endorsements together outnumber Iggy’s. If that ratio repeats itself at the convention amongst delegates and their #’s are similar, that would make for an exciting couple of ballots once again.

A total of 20 Liberal or Liberal supporting blogs have thus made leadership endorsements – so there’s quite a few left to make their preference known. Of course, there’s also plenty of time left to make up one’s mind. As I see more (or if I get informed of one), I will of course add them to the sidebar.


8 comments to List of blog endorsements of Liberal leadership candidates update

  • Oh Drew disagree with you there. For that to be true, you’d have to be comparing them to some external actor, and that I don’t think could hold l’eau.

  • I want to listen to what each candidate has to say, how they present it & the dynamics around them before I make any decision. This may take awhile as I want to be very sure that, for me, I endorse the best candidate for the job & for the country.

    What’s also important is seeing how each candidate intends to invigorate the party, what plans they have for renewal & unity & so on. I’ll let you know when I decide.

    btw Scott, I am joining the Party. Thankyou for your input! 🙂

  • Drew Adamick

    I’m not really neutral so much as I don’t like any of the choices. As far as I am concerned, each candidate’s weaknesses far exceed their strengths.

  • I’m neutral as well. I was making an exaggeration of the idea that unity is more important than everything else.

  • A disingenuous renewal hack would say, I support all three, because I’m for uniting the party, and not dividing it.

    Oh how I dislike those hacks.

  • I’m still holding out.

    Fielded a few crucial questions,and waiting to see what comes back.

  • Jon

    What about good old Warren Kinsella?

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