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Leblanc gets a major blog endorsement.

I won’t be posting one of these updates every time we get a new Liberal blogger or blog endorsing such and such a candidate, but when a major Liberal blogger endorses, that’s noteworthy. Since Jason Cherniak stepped away from blogging, I’m going to make an educated guess that Dan Arnold of Calgary Grit is probably the most widely known and most widely read of the Liberal bloggers out there. This morning, he’s made it known that he’s endorsing Dominic Leblanc for Liberal leader, and lists the reasons why:

In short, LeBlanc is a politician of great potential, the only knocks being a lack of name recognition and a really bad haircut. But with the Liberal Party entering its third leadership race in five years, I want a leader who can guide us for a decade. With the Liberal Party desperately in need of renewal, I want a leader who understands the problems we face and is committed to finding long-term solutions – not just a quick fix.

The sidebar list is thus updated to reflect Dan’s endorsement, and the first (and biggest) of the Liberal blogs that supported Gerard Kennedy the last leadership contest goes for LeBlanc.


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