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Predictions on how long a “productive Parliament” will last.

You may have seen this article in the Toronto Star this morning, with calls from several MP’s from different MP’s hoping for a more “productive Parliament” this session:

Government House leader Jay Hill…called on all MPs not to “refight the last election campaign” and said the low turnout in the Oct. 14 vote should send a signal to every MP that Canadians are souring on the tone of federal politics. “They would like to see us work co-operatively together as much as possible. I think that message has been sent,” Hill said in an interview. That was echoed by Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale, a veteran MP who says the last session of Parliament was “as nasty” as he has ever seen. “While there’s all sorts of responsibility to spread around, when you get into that kind of poisonous atmosphere, it is primarily the government’s responsibility to set the tone,” Goodale said.

My over/under on how long that “spirit of co-operation” lasts before we descend into rancour and such is going to be 2 weeks. I was going to originally say 1 week.. but with Christmas now approaching, I decided to factor in an extra week because of the holiday season making folks cheerier then normal. I’ll also predict it’s the Conservatives who start the tone off bad, because I think they have several members over there in the government benches and backbenches that just can’t help themselves into taking partisan cheapshots. It’s in their nature.


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