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The current list of Liberal blogs endorsing a Liberal leadership candidate.

I thought for interest sake I’d take a gander at the list of Liberal blogs who support each Liberal Leadership candidate at this juncture, since I thought the list that Ted over at the now-defunct blog Cerberus kept (in 2006) was a pretty good tracker of who was endorsing who.

I’ve taken a look-see through the Liblogs list (as well as Progressive Bloggers where I know the blog is a Liberal supporting blog but not on Liblogs), and where I can find a specific endorsement of a candidate, I’ve listed them as such.

Blogs that support Dominic LeBlanc:

All Politics Is Local
John LaForet’s Blog

Blogs that support Michael Ignatieff:

A BC’er in Toronto
Keith Torrie Today
Life In Moderation
Maxwell’s House

Blogs That Support Bob Rae:

Braeden Caley – On Politics
Go On And Bleed
Take Off, Eh?
Yappa Ding Ding

I think I’ll add that list to my sidebar here, and as blogs decide their endorsement, I’ll add it on, either as I see it, or if people inform me of a blogpost at their site indicating who they’ve endorsed. As a side-note, it’ll be very interesting for me to see where the Liberal blogs that supported Gerard Kennedy and even more so, Stephane Dion’s candidacies the last time around end up with (if anyone). You’ve seen Jeff Jedras, a longtime Dion supporter, very speedily move to endorse Michael Ignatieff. On the other hand, Kennedy supporters like CalgaryGrit have so far not declared. It will be an interesting dynamic to watch.

(PS – If your blog is listed on here that I’ve shown to be incorrect for who you’re supporting , please also let me know).

UPDATE @ 6:09pm: Jim Calder at The Progressive Right adds his blog’s endorsement to the Iggy column. And I’ve made a slight error. Per his comment, Devin over at Maxwell’s House hasn’t given an official endorsement yet.

UPDATE @ 6:29 pm: It appears Hell Upside Down is endorsing Dominic Leblanc, so we’ll add HUD to that column at the sidebar.

UPDATE @ Nov 17, 8:55am: It appears I missed Glen’s endorsement for Iggy on Friday. So I’ll add his blog to the Iggy list.


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