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The CPC faithful come out of hiding a tad..

…to show their true side and pass for the most part a bunch of far right radical policy resolutions, as well detailed by Danielle and Dr Dawg. These resolutions are a bit of the secretive veil that has been prominent around this Conservative policy convention removed. It shows how the grassroots of the Conservative Party would have the Conservative Party act, if all these resolutions were binding.

That’s good, by the way. I applaud the CPC grassroots for being honest with what ideology they want running Canada, and showing what they really believe in – which is basically far right wing US Republican type ideology. That’s far more honest then the secretive attempts by their leadership to hide those views and try to pretend to Canadians they’re really a “moderate party”. Put the ideology out there that the Conservative base believes should be running Canada, and the Conservative leadership knows they’d get reduced to Alberta seats and rural seats – hence the reason for them trying so hard to keep the lid on these policy workshops and showing the media as little as possible.

I’ll be very interested to see how many of these Harper actually decides to implement as official Conservative policy (remember, his spokesperson Ryan Sparrow said a week ago, they considered these as recommendations as they would from any stakeholder group – I’m sure the Conservative grassroots were thrilled to hear that).

I’d also like to congratulate Danielle and Dawg for a job well done in blogging this Convention in at times difficult circumstances as the alternate POV from the Progressive side of the ledger.


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