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Your Liberal leadership review summary

It’s looking to be a rather thin field out there – not quite as bad as when the Paul Martin coronation took place.. but not far from it:

To recap:

Martha-Hall Findlay is out

Gerard Kennedy is out (which mildly surprised me, actually).

A whole host of others: out

Who’s In? Bob Rae, Iggy (pending an official announcement, supposedly tomorrow) and Dominic Leblanc.

The Warren Kinsella endorsement watch: still no public announcement, though he apparently gave a class up at Seneca College a good hint as to who he liked. Since we have no video of the event, if there are still bloggers out there desperate to find out any hint as to what Warren is doing, they could always trope up to Seneca College and start asking the class what he said.

I’m hoping that MHF and Mr. Kennedy will continue to fight for grassroots renewal within the LPC, even though they aren’t running. It will take more then a new leader to fix that – even if there is one committed to such a task.


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