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It’s time to declare my support….

…for the new Speaker of the House!

Oh, you thought it was going to be for a Liberal leadership candidate? Sorry about that.. but I’m a declared neutral in this race and will be for quite some time to come until I see all the candidates and all their positions – particularly on party reform. I may not endorse anyone, but there’s time to decide that yet.

Oh.. about the Speaker. I see James is putting up a spirited defence of Peter Milliken, who’s been the Speaker for a few years now. You can read his reasonings there. Personally, I don’t particularly have a pro or anti-Milliken bent. If he gets the job back, good for him, but I do wonder whether some “fresh blood” might not be a good thing to see if that person can change the tone of the House.

I obviously don’t think that will happen if one of the Conservative MP’s tries to get the job, so hopefully any of them get voted a resounding “no”, but I’ll have to wait and see who all the candidates are from the opposition benches.

UPDATE: Apparently, Olaf thinks I need to clarify my remarks since I didn’t do what I said I was going to do in the title of my post;so I’ll say that I changed my mind during the blogpost (which I reserve the right to do). I’m not declaring for anyone for that job either – until I see the candidates (which is what I more or less said in the last paragraph before this update).


2 comments to It’s time to declare my support….

  • Thanks dude.

    Now, as to your title, it IS time to DECLARE your support. The floor is yours! Who do you like?

  • Scott,

    I think your title was a little misleading, since you didn’t actually declare your support for a speaker. The readers demand to know! We’re on the edge of our collective seats! 🙂

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