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Canada sucks at protecting the environment, study shows.

No surprise here, particularly under Harper’s do-nothing approach, that we’re one of the world’s biggest ‘slouches’ when it comes to protecting the environment:

Canada’s environmental record is among the worst in the industrialized world, due in part to its poor performance fighting global warming, according to a report from the Conference Board of Canada on Monday. Canada placed 15th among 17 peers, beating only Australia and the United States. Greenhouse gas emissions, high garbage production, and rampant overuse of fresh water were its biggest environmental problems.

Note that this isn’t some world study berating us, but the Conference Board of Canada. Last I looked, it wasn’t being run by any environmentalist types either. Of course, I don’t expect Harper to pay much heed to this report. Indeed, we read today he is trying to more or less bribe the new President-elect into exempting the Alberta Tarsands from any tough new environmental laws or restrictions in exchange for offering a “secure” North American supply – which I find a bit odd to be offering, since I don’t think what oil Canada is already offering to the US is an “insecure” supply. We’re bound by the NAFTA agreement to supply oil to the US no matter what, so this just seems to be nothing more then an attractive phrasing of words designed to play on Obama’s pledge to stop depending on insecure sources of oil such as the Middle East.

Of course, Obama also doesn’t want to depend on “dirty oil” either, and the Alberta Tarsands have specifically been pointed to as an example of this by Obama’s advisers. I’d take a guess as well that if Robert Kennedy Jr is offered the post of the Environmental Protection Agency, based on his past environmental record, you won’t find him advising Obama to take Harper up on his offer, which more or less gives the Tarsands a free pass, which is what Harper wants.

I would urge Obama not to fall for this Trojan Horse of an offer. Under Harper, Canada is shirking its world environmental responsibilities, and until we get rid of this government, it’s going to stay that way. It will take external pressure – like our biggest oil customer refusing to buy oil from a source that has no credible climate change fighting plan – to force Harper to deal with this and to put forth a credible GHG emissions plan.

UPDATE: The Jurist has similar thoughts.


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  • Ted

    Americans buy oil from Venezuela, a country with major human rights issues, that is reliant on America as a client, as America is one of the only countries with an ability to refine its sulfur induced dirty oil…. I do not think our oil sands market will become an issue, no matter how “green” Obama will become.

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