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Pork barrel politics in the US still gets you votes (and re-elected)

… or at least it does in Alaska, where it appears the voters really didn’t mind getting a bridge to nowhere. How else to explain their re-electing a convicted felon in Ted Stevens?¬† Stevens will likely resign or get expelled from the Senate if his victory is confirmed, and under Alaska law a special election will have to be called, with rumours being that Sarah Palin herself would run in it, but you betcha the Alaska voters will probably vote Republican and for her if she were to run. Wouldn’t that be comical to watch her perform in the Senate?

Likewise, the Republican Congressman Don Young  is also getting re-elected despite a slew of ethical problems, and yet, it may be because he brought all that pork and those earmarks home that Alaskans are re-electing him. Strange bunch up in Alaska.


1 comment to Pork barrel politics in the US still gets you votes (and re-elected)

  • Ted

    Scott is right. Conservatives have long opposed pork barrel spending and earmarks.
    But…when some of them get to power they abandon their philosophy and embrace this Liberal Keynesian habit of shoveling the pork into their ridings. They turn into mini Robert Byrds.

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