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Yes they did.

Congratulations to the President-elect and Vice-President elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The last 8 years of Bush misery are now over and will soon be a distant memory.


3 comments to Yes they did.

  • Ted

    Kansas Democrat. Rep Nancy Boyda lost her seat. She was the woman who walked out in the middle of a Patreus hearing stating, “I cant stand hearing any more good news on Iraq”….She will no longer have to in the room.

    Al Franken, the “all class” comedian, appears to have lost to Coleman in Minnesota, its still tight. Franken walked up to Karl Rove several years ago at a state dinner, introduced himself stating “I’m Al Franken, I hate you” and walked away.

  • Ted

    You guys have to get over the bitterness over Bush.

    Kudos to Obama, he did it and deserves it. His demeanor may help in subduing the hate filled hard left.
    I hope he does well, The Democrat’s have full control, Obama can take lessons from Clinton, move to the right, and get re-elected.
    McCain speech was classy, he did amazing well. That mans heart is huge.
    Bush was very gracious in congratulating Obama. The transition will be smooth, and accommodating, like 1992, not 1980, believe me. GWB will see to it, he gets that from his father.

  • The Bush years may be a distant memory for Iraqis in, say, 1,000 years.

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