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Sunday shenanigans

– As Calgary Grit says, this is very interesting, and its musings are backed up somewhat by this. My only thoughts are that if Kennedy is musing on running again -this time as a “Liberal Renewal – 308 riding candidate”, the proof will be in the pudding, the devil will be in the details, etc.

– The 2008 Canadian Blog Awards start up again (with still a month to go before 2008 is over. Heh.) Head on over and nominate your favourite blog in the categories listed.

UPDATE @ 3:39 pm: Ouch. NBC Correspondent Lawrence O’Donnell, in the aftermath of Sarah Palin getting prank called by a couple of Canadian comedians pretending to be President Nicolas Sarkozy, calls Palin’s staff the worst in campaign history.


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  • Don’t worry, next year’s awards will consider November and December 2008 posts as eligible for the 2009 awards 😉

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