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And then there were 2.

..leadership candidates for the liberal Party that is.

Rae to run for Liberal leadership

That makes Rae and Dominic Leblanc the only official 2 candidates for the Liberal leadership so far. Apparently, the Globe and Mail story today that claimed Rae had told friends he was thinking of NOT running probably tipped his hand.

UPDATE: Just heard from someone I know in Quebec that Rae went on RDI and confirmed he was running. Not the best time in the news cycle on a Friday to be announcing your candidacy, but he probably felt he had no choice with the “not running” rumours swirling around.

I’ve met Mr. Rae before at a Liberal fundraiser in Woodstock a couple of months ago and had a chit chat with him. He’s a very outgoing and articulate guy. Is he the guy to lead the Liberal Party? That remains to be seen.


6 comments to And then there were 2.

  • Ted

    Todays Tor. Star:
    “The rumour appeared in a story about three key party organizers joining the leadership camp of deputy leader Michael Ignatieff.”

    It seems that the Ignatieff-Rae war will start again.
    The best candidate left for the Liberals is Manley.

  • Tim N

    @Scott Tribe – opps – that was typo – I meant to say Universal DAY CARE. Not Health Care. My bad.

  • Tim N

    As a red Tory (or blue Grit) what is disappointing me so far is the lack of real change in direction for the party.

    Let me be clear by saying – I detest Harper and the Harper Conservatives. I voted Liberal in the last election for only the second time since I could vote (I also voted for Martin in his first run).

    However, the Liberals need to decide are they left of center or right of center, or in the center. The party is listless, and people are not embracing it because of that.

    If you choose left of center, then you better work at uniting the left (as the Reformers and PCs did). If you are center or right of center, then you need to make yourself appealing to former PCs (like myself) by dropping the Universal Health Care, and other “leftist” policies.

    Also, fairly or not, the Liberal party is seen as arrogant, Toronto-centric and leftist. These are the characteristics that need to change. Having Rae (a former NDP-er who lives in Toronto) or Ignatiff (a haughty professor type also from Toronto) will not change this perception.

    • @Tim N

      You’ll be waiting a long time if you think the Liberals are going to abandon Universal Health Care. Not even the right-wing Harperites would dare to suggest the same thing.

  • I think they’re (all three) good speakers, and can stand up for themselves (very important, as we’ve seen). They are also French-fluent, which is critical, as this will be a “leg up” they will have on Harper, and no matter what happens the media will need to admit that our leader is a better speaker in BOTH official languages than Harper.

    They will make good leaders. All three are good retail politicians. A couple of them do have a weakness or two, but they will be quite skilled in handling that. I suppose the media “crucifixion” agenda will have a lot to say about that… Still, they are very adept at getting a point across.

    I think we’re lucky to have such a solid number of choices.

  • If its him vs. Iggy, then its him.

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