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Thursday Thoughts

I suppose I should comment on the new Harper Cabinet that was sworn in today. My first impressions are this:

The good points of this shuffle – more women in Cabinet. As an aside, you kind of had the feeling that Lisa Raitt would get rewarded by Harper for removing the thorn in his side Garth Turner. Besides, I’m sure she made it clear she wasn’t getting into politics to be a backbencher, after being the former head of the Toronto Port Authority. More good points – Baird out of the Environment slot, and Clement out of Health.

The bad points are Flaherty staying Finance Minister, Gerry Ritz staying Agriculture after his stupid remarks, and Jason Kenney, never one to pass up a good smear job, being in Immigration.

The amusing points: Stephen Taylor (or his Conservative source that often feeds him their spin) being wrong that a Liberal from Quebec would cross the floor to join Cabinet, be that Irwin Cotler or someone else. Either Stephen and/or his source was trying to create mischief in Liberal-land, or else some folks up in Cons HQ were being overly optimistic of their PM’s power to persuade someone to cross the floor.

All in all, a reshuffle with a few new faces. I expect more of the same from this bunch which means parroting Harper and the PMO talking points. I’d hope Harper would let his ministers have more freedom to actually display an independent thought or 2, but don’t be surprised if nothing changes.

No more cutting corners please, Liberals

Speaking of “same old, same old”, I’m rather ticked to see some in the Liberal Party thinking that there really doesn’t need to be any major overhaul, and that all the Liberal Party has to do is let the presumed economic downturn take care of Harper, and presto, everyone will want us back in government. I heard far too much “hoping” this past election campaign from some Liberals that something would knock Harper down in the polls and out of government, and this sounds distressingly like the same thing – pick a new leader, look for external events to knock Harper and the Cons dowm, and we’ll be voted back in. That is unacceptable – it should be apparent that strategy has failed us, and we really need to do a re-think and stop trying to cut corners.


3 comments to Thursday Thoughts

  • Mark

    Hey did Bob Rae announce that he’s in leadership yet? there was supposed to be announcement this week. heard nothing. I read on another blog (James Curran maybe?) Rae is not 100% in necessarily.

  • Baird out of Environment and into Transport…given his meddling in our local Ottawa transit issues, I don’t think that is a good thing at all.

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