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Pick the leader with the best ideas, don’t base it on where they’re from.

That would be my answer to James Bowie, who asked today whether the new Liberal leader should be picked based partly on long–standing Liberal Party tradition to alternate leaders between a francophone and anglophone leader.

Personally, my choice for a leader will be the one I feel is most qualified and has the best ideas and political philosophy; where he/she happens to reside and what mother tongue he/she happens to have is the last thing I’d even consider. In fact, I can say right now I wont even use that as a consideration. I would hope the majority of LPC members would think the same thing.


6 comments to Pick the leader with the best ideas, don’t base it on where they’re from.

  • James

    99% of the time, nah! With Dion joining Blake as epically failed leaders the percentage is around 80% now. Still better than the crapshoot Tory leader record and the 0% chance the CCF/NDP has and will always have.

    I agree that the region should not matter, and nor will it this time. Quebec has no serious contenders for the leadership this time, Coderre is a joke and I think Cauchon will take a pass.

    It would have been nice if Kennedy ran and won a seat in his home province of Manitoba or in Edmonton where he lived since he would have a more serious leadership chance as a Western based Grit than another one from Toronto.

  • I do not think it is necessary to go by Quebec and other, I think is is the best man no matter where he comes the Liberal Party has had alternate leaders, but usually they became prime ministers, 99 percent of the time

  • @steve

    I think the LPC would be shooting their nose to spite their face if they passed over a leadership bid that had the best ideas or approach over just because they were rigidly wanting to stick with this alternating leaders from the 2 linguistic groups tradition.

  • steve

    Leblanc is a francophone as is Dion. Its time for English Canada to get its turn.

    Leblanc has many years ahead of him. He needs experience and some Cabinet experience.

    Don’t rush things.

  • I think that alternated between and Quebecer and an Anglophone. Dominic Leblanc is from NB but because he is French-Acadian, it should not make any difference.

  • Great point. I agree in full. But, having said that, we need a leader from the “West”… Just kidding… Kinda…

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