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McKenna not running for Liberal leadership

The former Liberal premier of New Brunswick, Frank McKenna, has announced he will not be running for the Liberal leadership.   I’ve stated a couple of times I’d remain neutral in this race (for now), but I’ll say this: you can’t argue with his success as premier, but for myself anyhow, Mr. Mckenna was a bit too far to the right on certain issues – and you probably wouldn’t have seen me rushing to embrace his candidacy.

I should also mention per Warren’s blog earlier, that Dominic Leblanc is the first to enter the ring to compete for the Liberal leadership.  I confess I don’t know much about his policy positions on issues, and whether he agrees that the Liberal Party needs some serious institutional and structural reforms, such as what Liberal 308 is advocating for, but I did state I’d hope some fresh faces would step forth for this leadership race, and he’s certainly that.


6 comments to McKenna not running for Liberal leadership

  • Ted, BS,

    McKenna is not a moderate – his is a big business, anti-choice right-winger. He might as well be a Conservative.

  • Unfortunately, it looks like his answer includes remaining at a distance from the party itself. Had he chosen not to run but volunteered to do whatever else he could to help the Liberal cause, I would have been pleased. I too was hoping he’d pick up the challenge — despite being a Rae delegate last time (as a substitute for my first-first choice, Axworthy), i’m not someone who’s tied to left-right, because the liberal cause has always meant embracing centrist ideals, borrowing from both sides of the spectrum. Leblanc will now get my undivided attention (until the next announcement).

  • Ted

    McKenna not running is a victory for Harper, and a loss for the many moderate Liberals. He was the strongest candidate, and the only one who could stand up to the hard left of the party.

  • Good. McKenna is a socon-lite.

    Leblanc has disavowed the Green Shift. That puts him in trouble with me. Otherwise, he was LPC spokesperson on the CPC-Liberal lawsuit, and did a great job. I was looking for him to enter. He’s up and coming. I hope his position on tax-shifting is transitory.

    I’m not fond of any of the front-runners. All too old/too much baggage.

    I will evaluate candidates based upon green cred and proven grassroots commitment.

  • Mike

    Leblanc says he won’t support a carbon tax and wants to take the Liberals “back to the centre” for whatever it’s worth.

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