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Liberal 308 website now in operation.

A suggestion was made over at the Liberal 308 Facebook group that perhaps a website might be in order – not only to help spread the word, but to be usable for those folks reluctant to use Facebook. So, one of our Facebook group members, Clara Chang, took some initiative and created one.

She gave those of us who are admins over at that FB group administrative access at the website, and I thought I’d spiff it up a bit. Check the revamped Liberal 308 website. Yo can also get there now by clicking on the Liberal 308 logo in my sidebar, as I’ve changed the link in the logo to go to the Liberal 308 website, rather then the Facebook group. I would suspect like Fair Copyright of Canada, there will be a logo button specifically to point to the Facebook group forthcoming, but for now, it’ll probably be a make-do link that you can find over at the Liberal 308 website.

For those who wish to join the Liberal 308 website as members (because it’s a private website, as is the Facebook group) check out the About page for criteria for joining.

The website is still in its infancy, but there will be more added to it as more users join and as blogposts and other interesting stuff gets put on the site.

UPDATE @ 8:11 pm: As promised, there is now a logo you can get to point to the Liberal 308 Facebook group (which you see now on my logo sidebar). Thanks to Ray Larson for creating it.


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