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My apologies.. (and some brief political stuff)

..for being somewhat disconnected from blogging of late, but family matters have intruded again.. and that’s much more important then blogging, though I think we’re going to have some things solved as of next week, which will be a relief to everyone.

In the meanwhile though, the Liberal 308 group at Facebook is growing steadily since it’s creation.. and I’ve seen more then a few Liberal bloggers either join it at FB or support it publicly at their blogs. There’s quite some active discussion going on over there too, so if you’re a Liberal who believes that the Liberal Party needs to have structural and/or organizational reforms, and also needs more grassroots input in it, then head on over and ask to join the group.

For those who are Facebook averse, there will be a website forthcoming.


1 comment to My apologies.. (and some brief political stuff)

  • meaghan

    Speaking of the Liberal party I was wondering what you thought Frank McKenna and his history of passing the most anti-abortion legislation in Canada during his time as premier of New Brunswick.

    Thanks to Frank, under New Brunswick’s Medical Services Payment Act, abortions and physicians’ fees for performing them are covered only if the woman is in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, if 2 physicians certify the abortion is medically necessary, and if the abortion is performed in a hospital.

    Is such an individual appropriate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the year 2008?

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