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Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

I’ve been a tad busy today, so I didn’t hear about retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama until this afternoon. That’s big news for Obama, and bad news for Mccain. I know there are folks down there on the progressive side of the ledger who still say that Powell was complicit in the Bush Administration’s false information on Iraq and will never forgive him for that, but opinion polls in the US still show him with a very high favourable rating amongst the American public, and this endorsement will do a lot for independents and moderate Republican voters, as well as military voters still undecided on who to vote for.

I’m sure most of you have seen the endorsement he gave on Meet the Press already, but I found his post-interview to be even more revealing of why he endorsed Obama. He really slammed his own Republican Party for not running on issues and for drifting too far to the right-wing, and questioning the judgement of McCain for his pick of Sarah Palin as well as his reaction to the financial crisis.


2 comments to Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

  • Let it End

    I’m ready for this election to end. There has been so much speculation about what Colin Powell would do — again, I’m glad he said his piece. Now, I hope the rest of the election focuses on the candidates policy positions.

    Regardless of who wins, the next president needs to focus on fixing he economy. I signed this petition to the 44th president . . .

    the message is clear. . fix the economy first.

  • The Powell Endorsement…

    Transcript of the endorsement on Meet The Press:
    I know both of these individuals very well now. I’ve known John for 25 years, as your setup said. And I’ve gotten to know Mr. Obama quite well over the past two years.
    Both of them are disti…

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