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If John Mccain wants to appeal to independent voters..

.. in the remaining and dwindling time he has left to do so, my advice to him would be to make sure that he takes Michelle Bachmann, Republican Congress member from Minnesota, off the TV circuit. Watch as she says she’s concerned that Barack Obama and his wife are anti-American, and she also called for, get this, reporters to investigate which members of Congress are secretly against America. Joe Mccarthy 2008 anyone?

The Democrats, however, are secretly thanking her for her Mccarthyesque rant. When the Democratic netroots got ahold of Bachmann’s interview and displayed it for all to see, her Democratic opponent had only been given donations of 2500$ from the Actblue site. After the video, his donations at ActBlue are now at 188 000$ and climbing – all within 24 hrs of the Democratic blogosphere and netroots seeing that.

Oh for something like Actblue up here in Canada.

UPDATE @ 4:17 pm: Whoa:

24 hours ago, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced that all those who disagree with her are “Anti-American.” Since then, the outpouring of support for my campaign has been extraordinary. Since Congresswoman Bachmann’s outrageous remarks, my campaign has raised $438,346.57, and we’re working to reach $500,000 by 5 p.m. today.

Nothing like some over-the-top remarks to get people motivated to give money to fund the election campaign to remove her.


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