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The ultimate irony: The BQ saved Canada from a Harper majority.

Well,  the election voting results are now almost over, and obviously it’s not an electoral map that I like – the only consolation for me is that the Harperites weren’t given the keys to the car to drive around at will, but still have a licence to govern with adult supervision (terrible analogy, but that’s the best I can come up with). The funny thing about Quebec is, the Conservatives didn’t lose any of their seats, as it was first thought they might,  but the BQ was still the party that stopped the Conservatives from running completely roughshod over the country for the next 4 years. That’s rather ironic, and Gilles Duceppe is making sure everyone knows it.

Congratulation to Mr Harper and his supporters – the demonization of Mr Dion for 2 years obviously got partially the desired effect; still,  a minority is a minority is a minority. I don’t expect to see any less “dysfunction” on the committees and in Parliament which is the reason Harper went early on this election in the first place.

As for Harper,  I guess we’ll now see what he does if the economic slowdown and recession that some predict will still happen (in spite of the large bailout the world is doing with its financial institutions) occurs. He claimed to be a “steady hand” for the economy… now Canadians will see whether that’s true or not.

And with regards to the environment, the Conservatives should not think this renewed minority means Canadians are giving them a blank cheque on this issue. The world demands action; Barack’s Obama’s chief environmental adviser is on record as being critical of the Alberta Tar-Sands and hinting that the US will not trade with countries -even those with large oil reserves – that do not have credible environemntal plans in place.  Harper and the Conservatives must recognize this – if they don’t the decision may be made for them from external sources.

As for the Liberals, we are the Official Opposition; our job is to oppose the government. I hope that fact is not lost on those who may call for abstaining of votes again in the new parliament, because I think that was what partially led to the results we see tonight.  If they are bad bills, vote against them – particularly if it’s early in the mandate.. don’t shirk your duty.

And as for the leadership of the Liberal Party, obviously there are going to be questions about whether Dion should stay or not. In his initial speech tonight, he made no mention of resigning, but we also hear that there are already mutterings in the background about forcing him out. Paul Wells for one, thinks that is suicidal and playing exactly into Harper’s hands, but that may not stop some.. because as you know, Dion has had a fractured caucus since he won the leadership.

Anyhow.. it’s late, and I’ll have more thoughts later today.


2 comments to The ultimate irony: The BQ saved Canada from a Harper majority.

  • Mound of Sound

    Scott, sitting out here on the Wet Coast, the post-mortem is oh so clear. Dion, for all his immense qualities, isn’t fit to lead the Liberal Party of Canada. He’d either be best in a senior, support role to an effective leader or as the leader of an “also ran” party such as the NDP. The guy has to go and I’ve run out of time for Dion apologists who’ve cast bones and read entrails these past years leading them to proclaim him a genuine leader. He’s not. He’ll never be. We don’t do makeovers, there’s far too much at stake for that.

  • tdwebste

    No Dion and Layton did themselves in by attacking each other. And they gained no votes from each other.

    By doing so they quite simply handed Harper the victory.

    You need to blame both parties for giving Harper a victory. The whole Liberal & NDP Parties need to realize that as divided opposition they failed.

    The BQ did well because they simple stood by the priciples from beginning to end. That honest opposition won votes.

    The Liberals need to show that they have priciples they stand by! The places where Harpers lies were exposed without back bitting Harper got the loss he deserved.

    The Liberals and NDP both lost. They were both better than Harper, but back bit each other.

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