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Comments disabled (update: er.. moderated) til voting ends

I’ve decided to disable all comments until approximately 10 pm Eastern — 7 pm Pacific — when the last polls close in British Columbia and the Yukon. This is to comply with broadcast rules, and to avoid getting me in trouble over someone blurting out results or a rogue poll they saw or whatever.  That is also the reason I took down the Youtube Liberal ads.  I don’t know how you can regulate Youtube.. but since I’m a Canadian based site, I may fall under the “no broadcasting” rule with regards to those.

Talk to you folks after the blackout period ends.

UPDATE: I’ll be on Skype, so if you wanna discuss the results in “real-time” as they come in, feel free to give me a Skype call.

UPDATE  2 @ 10:39 am: Hmm.  Comments are still getting through even though I turned comments off – or thought I had.. so while I figure that out, I’ll just invoke full comment moderation. If the comment has nothing to do with a poll or such, I’ll let it go through.


5 comments to Comments disabled (update: er.. moderated) til voting ends

  • @kwittet

    Kevin, glad to hear.

    And I wasnt trying to puff myself up as being some important person out there. Bloggers have gotten in a tad bit of trouble before in prior elections for having ads or whatever up on Election Day. .. so I was just being safe and trying to stay within the Elections Act law.

  • I would love to see the Liberal/NDP seat totals come out at 155 or higher than the Conservatives at least.

    As to the gleeful New Democrat bloggers, I agree we may be a little happy after the excellent campaign run by the party. Its too bad we have a system that will see the NDP finish 2million more votes than the bloc and end up with fewer seats and the Greens with no seats.

    I would be a little less harsh with respect to the Liberal situation if they would stop telling me and others to vote liberal no matter where you are. That could well be why the Tories won last time and win this time.

    Im pulling for enough numbers tonight to have a Liberal NDP coalition.

  • kwittet

    sorry…didnt intend for it to come across mean.

    btw your aunt gramma is doing much better.

  • kwittet

    dont flatter yourself!

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