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Strategically vote strategically

Try saying that title 5 times in a row fast.  My point behind it though is this, and will be the first and last post I do on the topic;  I fully endorse if you’re going to do some strategic voting to stop Harper, but be smart about it.

I’m a Liberal supporter as most of you know,  but I’m not going to say what some of my fellow Liberal bloggers (and politicians) have been saying when they say “the only vote to stop Harper is Liberal”. In a fair # of ridings out west for example, such as in the Prairies, I’m not going to  tell you that you need to vote Liberal to stop Harper. The fact is, our Liberal candidates in many of those ridings finish a distant 3rd, and aren’t going to come near the sitting  Conservative MP. The NDP candidate on the other hand in a lot of these ridings are a very competitive 2nd.  So, despite some annoyance at how they’ve acted and some irritation at some of their partisan bloggers on here, if the NDP were to win some of those seats out west, I’d prefer that result over the Conservative MP getting returned.  One example of that would be Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona, who has a good chance of unseating Rahim Jaffer if the progressive vote coalesces behind her. So, to the Liberals in those seats where the NDP is the best shot at unseating the Conservative MP (ie. Saskatchewan, outside of Goodale’s seat and the seat where David Orchard is running, as well as in the BC interior)  I’d encourage you to think about supporting the NDP candidate to unseat the Conservative MP.

I’d also say to both the Green Party and NDP leaning folks that if you’re in a riding where the incumbent MP  looks to be safe, regardless of what party it is – then vote for your party of preference. But, if you’re in some strategic battleground ridings where a split of the progressive vote may send the Conservative to Ottawa, either by them retaining their seat or by upending the Liberal incumbent, then think hard about supporting the Liberal. This is particularly true in the 905 area code, in ridings like Burlington and Oakville and Mississauga-South.

To the Greens in particular, it appears Elizabeth May has more or less said to vote for either the Liberal OR NDP in the key ridings where it will defeat a Conservative candidate. Think about that when you enter the polling booth.

The polls are still fluid enough (though close), and people still indicating they are making up their minds to end up with almost any result. Let us at least make sure Harper doesn’t get his majority; because his “base” from the extreme right-wing grassroots of the Alliance-Reform base will be expecting payback from Harper. Here’s an example of that; Conservative candidate Peter Kent saying he wants more private health care clinics in Canada, which is a step toward two-tiered healthcare if implemented. That is one possible result of a Harper majority; it would be the worst possible outcome for all concerned progressives.


11 comments to Strategically vote strategically

  • I generally vote NDP but today I voted Liberal even though I am in a relatively safe Liberal riding, because I hate Harper and his Canadian Republican Party.

  • catherine

    Democratic Space doesn’t seem to have their strategic voting guide anymore. now has a handy printout (on their front page) of the key ridings where strategic voting is most likely to make a difference in defeating a Conservative.

  • Blackstar

    watch this very good five minute piece from The Real News with one of the signatories to the economists open letter endorsing the carbon tax. You could embed it for your next blog post?? 🙂 – Blackstar

    Canadian economists back carbon tax

  • Ted

    “more private health care clinics”

    Oh my, we can’t have this, Paul Martin will have to travel to the States to get the health care he wants.

  • catherine

    Good post. One thing with linking with Democratic Space is that under their strategic voting guide they also provide advice for Conservatives to vote strategically to defeat Liberals. Also, Democratic Space organizes things by primary party affiliation, which is not so useful for many people who are not tied to one party, but don’t want Harper re-elected. However, putting aside the advice for Conservatives, the two sites are largely making the same recommendations.

  • kwittet

    See…this is what is wrong with our system. If we had a system where there is no such thing as a minority then strategic voting wouldnt even be the PATHETIC option it is. I say give the party absolute power for 4 years and if the F it up then next time around they will be gone no matter waht party it is. right now the way it is we have a watered down system where not much gets done becuase of our spineless system. you can say whatever you like but the US system is better.
    Another thing that needs to change is the fact that the GTA hold too much power over the rest of the country. Every province should have an equal amount of seats and that way every party is equally represented. If a party can not run a candidate in at least one third of the ridings then they can not run federally!!

  • Ian

    As a partisan NDP blogger, I appreciate the endorsement of Linda Duncan.

    Personally, I couldn’t go Liberal (in a riding where it might make a difference), since although it would mean less of a chance of a Harper majority, I don’t see the Liberals promising the necessary changes. Where is electoral reform in the Liberal platform? (I know the answer that the grits need to hold onto a broken system to keep their power, but is this really democracy?)

  • If more people would make “vote strategically” arguments like this instead of saying “voting strategically means voting for [any one particular party]”, maybe it would actually work.

    Might I make a suggestion that you link to some websites to make it easier for people to figure out what the strategic choice is, though? I prefer democraticSPACE ( ), but is an alternative.

  • I like the tone Scott! I myself may have to vote liberal, i am waiting till the end to decide.

  • […] Vote strategically if you have to but as Scott Tribe had said, Strategically Vote Strategically. […]

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