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Contest: Vote for the new CTV Logo!!!

Seeing as CBC held a contest for the new Hockey Night In Canada anthem, and since CTV has made it abundantly clear they’re all Conservative cheerleaders over there, they might as well openly declare it, so what better way then to pick a new logo for them to reflect that reality?

The snarky folks at A Creative Revolution have come up with 2 such designs for you to choose from. Let’s see which one is more popular, and may I suggest the winner gets forwarded to the CTV brass?

First one:

ConTV - Logo 1

Welcome to ConTV. We will do whatever it takes!

Second one:

COnTV - More Fleecing

Welcome to conTV! With more fleecing!

I think I like the first one. The sheep’s a nice touch, though.

UPDATE: Jamie Callingham stopped by and came up with a new slogan that I REALLY like:

CTV – Canada’s Tory Voice.


15 comments to Contest: Vote for the new CTV Logo!!!

  • Man I really like what you’ve done with the sidebar and the videos.

  • Jim

    Ctv is so neocon it makes me sick. My father used to tell me that 40 years ago and now I really believe it. The slogans all fit. Finally Ctv is getting whats due.

  • willy be frantic

    Good on you Scott for putting up the contest. I pontificate over at ACR and pale said I should post my slogan here. I like the second one with a slogan of ” ConTV – All the news you need to know”

  • “The list of CBC bias for the left is so long I have long given up on them.”

    And, won’t you look like a colossal fool, when somebody does the post-election favorable/unfavorable coverage. I’ve been watching it everyday, and I guarantee the numbers will show, the Conservatives received better coverage than the Liberals. You people just construct a talking point, but this will make THREE straight elections where your side got a pass. Too funny.

    I like the first one!

    Any thoughts on one for Bill O’Reilly Live, seen nightly at 5 and 8pm?

  • Ted

    The list of CBC bias for the left is so long I have long given up on them.

    My tax dollars are supporting this left wing broadcasting company. They hate Harper, Mulroney, Reformers, etc. If you happen to be a social conservative you are looked upon as some sort of alien.

    When CTV newsnet wanted to expand coverage to include live events and shows like Duffy, the CBC tried to block them through the CRTC. The hard left hates competion. They want total monopoly.

  • I always thought it was appropriate how the Conservative C twisted like a pretzel, just like their policy, whenever they get around to putting something together.

  • grady

    I am pretty good at detecting bias and even though I am a cons. I do believe you are right that the CTV network tends to be sympathetic to the cons.
    But on the other hand CBC is very sympathetic to the Liberals and NDP.
    I cant remember her name but the woman covering the NDP for CBC is very pro-NDP. I have not heard one negative thing out of her mouth yet about Jack Layton.
    She is definitely a cheerleader for him.
    The CBC political bureau has really declined over the years. I do like Mansbridge and think he is pretty even in coverage. But the rest of them are definitely left of centre : Terry Mileski, Keith Boag and another woman I cant remember her name are definitely not voting conservative.
    Keith Boag was on CBC this afternoon and stating that the Liberals would not be winning the election and he was speculating on Dion’s leadership and the way he was talking you would think a close family member had just died.
    Overall CBC has terrible reporters in general that Neil MacDonald who reports from Washington has got to go he is the most unprofessional reporters I have ever seen.
    Does anyone remember in 1984 when Brian Mulroney was supposed to be talking off the record at the back of the plane and Neil MacDonald was the only journalist that betrayed this and broke Mulroneys off the record comments about patronage.

  • I prefer the first one. The sheep has an ambiguous meaning. Is it intended to say that everyone at CTV is a sheep or that CTV is for viewers who are sheep?

  • SO I guess it’s okay when the major media outlets are blatantly anti-conservative, but when the tide starts to change and CTV, among others, (see National Post, Globe and Mail, and others) realizes that Dion will be a disaster for Canada, all of the sudden they are cheerleaders? Do Liberals have any concept of fair journalism, or is it that you have been pandered to for so long by most of the MSM that you don’t know what it feels like to be criticized?

  • The 1st one. It right on point.

  • Joseph

    I go with the second one with the “Canada’s Tory Voice” slogan.

    The first one is more subtle, but when the propaganda is so blatant why settle for subtlety? ; )

  • slg

    Excellent and oh so true!

  • pale

    “Their masters voice. ”


  • JimmE

    How did that Tory shill Duffy ever get back on the TV after this:

  • I kind of like the one with the sheep with Jamie Callingham’s slogan “Canada’s Tories Voice” at the bottom.

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