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Harper threatens to quit if Cons lose. Let’s accomodate him.

Did Harper decide to put that threat to quit out there in order to rally his Conservative base to his “strong leadership”? I think it has the potential to have the opposite effect, as does Accidental Deliberations:

After all, plenty of factions within the Cons – socons, small-government advocates and any remaining red Tories in particular, but potentially including anybody involved with the party based on any principle other than the pursuit of raw power – would surely have experienced at least some frustration with Harper’s top-down command structure and consistent stifling of inconvenient viewpoint..with Harper himself raising the possibility that he’d be gone as leader if the Cons can’t win the election, I have to wonder whether the effect may be to present a strong incentive to tank on Tuesday to those who wouldn’t mind seeing Harper gone (or those who just want to take his role).

I would add to The Jurist’s list that it may cause the rest of the political parties base core to become more highly motivated and to come out and vote for their political party to try and make Harper’s “threat” come true. What I mean by that is some user voter surveys I’ve seen indicate that the Conservatives base is usually the most certain they will come out to vote on Election Day for their Party. If this “threat” gets well publicized, and it increases the motivation of the other opposition parties supporters to come out and vote.. combined with what Jurist said.. Tuesday might be more interesting then what it’s already shaping up to be, as the polls narrow.

So, if you’re a progressive voter, and you have friends or acquaintances that are wavering on voting but who dislike Harper, pass along that little tidbit about Harper threatening to quit if he loses. If they moan about the polls showing Harper winning, mention that most polls are showing a tightening, and at this point, the polls are actually closer then they were at this point of the election race in 2006. That might give the extra incentive needed to them to go out and cast their ballot.


8 comments to Harper threatens to quit if Cons lose. Let’s accomodate him.

  • Moebius

    I would certainly expect Harper to quit if he lost an election against a weak, divided opposition. I’d be first in line asking for it, as I was with John Tory.

    Mr. Dion is expecting to be the leader following the election, no matter what. I suspect the party would differ.

  • wilson

    ‘Don’t defeat us then ask us to stop a carbon tax.’ Harper

  • slg

    Ha, ha – ya, right Wilson, like anyone listens to you. LOL

    Do you have any words in your vocabulary other than Harper talking points?

    …na, didn’t think so.

    By the way, I’ve heard there’s a new ABC campaign going on. On election night someone has suggested that you watch the coverage ABC – Anyone But CTV.

    Sounds good to me.

  • wilson

    Forgetting of course slg, that Canadians, not just conservatives, see PMSH as the best pick for PM, and Dion 3rd behind Layton.

  • slg

    Personally, I think it’s a very stupid question about what the leaders will do after the election. Very stupid.

    It would depend on a number of things – and face it, they aren’t going to tell what they have in mind during an election.

    Harper is playing – vote for me or I’ll run away. Another tactic of trying to get votes.

    But – what an opportunity for those progressive conservatives, with the help of others, to get rid of Harper and the Reform Party once and for all.

    Food for thought folks.

  • wilson

    Dion just told reporters he will not step down if he loses.

    Something that Liberals need to address, is representation in the West.
    Libs hold 10 seats west of the Ontario border, 5 of them are too close to call.
    Even if you add in the Dipper seats, a Lib/Dipper/Bloc coalition government has only, at best, 22 seats out of 308, representing 40% of the provinces.

    8% representation for 40% of the country…think about it.

  • JC Kelan

    I think the Liberals are going to be in a very difficult position after this election.

    They have probably not performed well enough to form the government but, at the same time, Dion did well enough that he deserves another shot.

    Like Liberal leaders before him, Dion can rightfully claim that he should get to fight one more election. After all, he seems to have secured the parties’ base, likely held on to the Official Opposition post from the NDP and resurrected the party from being wiped out in Quebec.

    Also to be factored into this equation is the financial state of the party. Can they mount another leadership campaign right now? How divisive would this be for the Liberals (Iggy-Rae splitting the party just like Martin-Chretien)?

    A final consideration, if Dion puts his leadership to a vote of the party faithful, he might do okay. After all, the party base is further to the left than where the party sees itself. Dion would probably have surprising strength with this group after campaigning on the carbon tax, women’s representation, Kelowna and poverty.

    Do Liberals want him back? Will they go out and vote Liberal knowing that this is the outcome they will be securing?

    Interesting times.

  • Well I’d take what he said with a grain of salt. He says one thing & does another – as we have all seen over & over.

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