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Canadian Conservatives starting to exhibit anger, like their American counterparts.

The news in the past week in the American campaign has been how Republicans, frustrated at the fact McCain is falling in the polls and facing a decisive defeat in November, are becoming very angry, even hostile, toward Obama and toward the media.

And now, we’re seeing the first signs of this frustration and anger up here in Canada with Canada’s Conservatives and their supporters, as the election race tightens:

The Tories have gone from supreme assurance only a week ago to rattled frustration heading into the Thanksgiving weekend finale… On Wednesday in Victoria, where Harper made some similarly minor health announcements, tempers flared repeatedly as Conservative campaign staff loudly snapped at journalists over their reporting. Tory partisans also jeered media questions during a news conference with the prime minister. Guy Giorno, the prime minister’s chief of staff, accused a reporter of accosting him merely for placing a hand on his shoulder to keep Giorno from rocking in and out of a camera sightline.

These guys are in an election race now, and can’t believe that their Dear Leader actually is in a fight for his electoral life. Thus, it must be the media’s fault as well as others (expect to see dumping on Quebec in short order, if it’s not happened already). Their anger, which is a main part of their ideology (and you can see that on any number of Canadian right-wing conservative message forums and blogs right now) is starting to bubble to the surface, just as it has with their American conservative cousins. We haven’t quite got to the point of them calling Dion a terrorist sympathizer or a traitor, but you can feel the hostility brewing.

By the way, with regards to all those stories on brakelines on cars of Liberal supporters cars being sabotaged, vandalism in Guelph, Parkdale-High Park, St Pauls and so on, I wont be surprised in the least if we find out it wasn’t Liberal, Green or NDP supporters doing that disgraceful bit of voter intimidation. That kind of reprehensible conduct also shows that whoever is doing it contains a lot of anger toward their political opponents, and right now, only 1 particular party’s supporters have an abundance of it.


13 comments to Canadian Conservatives starting to exhibit anger, like their American counterparts.

  • JimmE

    This anger has ALWAYS been part of Conservative elections. For years the Torys take away Grit signs in Oakville. Two weeks ago, Bonny Brown’s signs were REMOVED & REPLACED by tory signs on public property. Years ago when I ran a campaign in Oakville a woman called our office to complaign of our signs in her back yard. Dozens of our signs were dumped in this womans’s garden. Tories normally attract folks who can’t deal with issues in a balanced adult way

  • Ted

    If you want to see American Hate, look at the hard left at the daily Kos.
    The stuff on Palin is discusting, a vile hatred that will stop at nothing.
    The taxpayer funded CBC columnist Heather Mallik wrote a equally hatefull column on Palin.
    The hard left is so angry and hatefull.

  • Ted

    “Guy Giorno, the prime ministerís chief of staff, accused a reporter of accosting him merely for placing a hand on his shoulder to keep Giorno from rocking in and out of a camera sightline.”
    Wow…is that all you can come up with.
    I can recall a former Liberal Prime Minister who did alot worse on the steps of Parliament hill.

    If you want to see American Hate, look at the hard left on the daily Kos.

  • To Noamzs…: You’d have to be pretty stupid to think that someone would endanger their own life and lives of their children (one person had a 6 year old girl in their car) to make a point.

    As far as “liberal radio stations”, I can’t recall the last radio “shock jock” that was liberal or Liberal. A lot of conservatives though. Not to mention the mostly conservative ownership of every single radio conglomerate (Rogers, Shaw, etc.).

  • Stephen K

    And CBC radio talk shows are hardly exhibitions of anger.

  • JAWL

    What Liberal radio talk shows?

    I really need to find one. My morning guy on the Classic rock channel is pro conservative as is the company that owns the station,

    Hell most of our media is now owned by right leaning corporations.

    Oh sorry forgot about the CBC. Thank god, allah and Bennett for the left wing loonies at the CBC.

    It’s just that their radio shows suck.

  • It’s probably some right-wing loon but not all Conservatives are loons; it’s just they tend to attract them.

  • FredM

    You want to hear anger and hate, try listening to liberal radio talk shows. This article just proves the truth that people are just coming around to realize; it’s that liberals are great at blaming other for what they are always doing and are guilty of themselves.

  • It’s pretty irresponsible to be accusing the Conservatives of vandalism and violent sabotage. I’ve got another irresponsible accusation. Actually, it’s not quite an accusation, more just something that has occurred to me. I’d say it’s not impossible that the Liberals did this to themselves in order to cast themselves as a victim. That way it’s a lot easier to make the Tories’ aggressive campaigning look unfair. Like I said, it’s just a thought.

  • Where Angry Guy John Baird?

  • BJ

    We have pro-lifers visiting TO currently and protesting. I believe they are the cause of the brake line cuttings, etc. We know they have no qualms about blowing up clinics. This is actually tame for these home grown conservative terrorists.

  • Right wing thinking is primitive at best. Right wing behaviour is, likewise, primitive. Conservatives and Republicans are proof enough that our species has evolved from more primitive primate ancestors. Ever wonder why so many of them embrace Creationism?

    Mock them. Belittle them. Have NO sympathy for them. They are stupid and should be left alone to wallow in their own ignorance.

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