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I guess traders weren’t listening to Flaherty today.

Or maybe they were… as the TSX plunged 456 points (4.5%) today after a bit of a recovery yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Dow fell through the 9000 level – down 678 points (7.3%) today, the first time since 2003

But again, this, according to Stephen Harper, represents another great buying opportunity on the stock markets due to all this unnecessary panic. Why should anyone worry?


5 comments to I guess traders weren’t listening to Flaherty today.

  • kwittet

    Originally Posted By Ted

    The real news is Dion wants to go full steam ahead with the Green Shift.
    No matter the economy.

    Just like Bob raye…he is going to tax and spend us out of recession…that worked fine before.

    Dont ask scott to think like an economist..he is a liberal…they just raise taxes, spend tax dollars and let there buddies steal the money from taxpayers. I get a real laugh out of the fact that everyone is attacking harper for his stance on the economy yet the markets and economies all over the world are dropping fast..yet liberals seem to think that dion is going to shield little ole canada from this? and how?? by raising taxes!!

  • FredM

    You knock Harper for telling people to invest, well isn’t that the point of the stock market, to invest? If it weren’t for brave investors in the U.S. that keep investing in these bad times the market and economy would have crashed a long time ago, I guess you would have made a horrible stock broker.

  • Ted

    The Swedish stock exchange
    Sept 8 over 23
    Today…over 15
    Tomorrow, even lower, they, like Toronto always follow New York. You should know that Scott.

    The real news is Dion wants to go full steam ahead with the Green Shift.
    No matter the economy.

  • Joseph

    Well, sense we’re being all serious, can the conservatives now admit now that Dion wasn’t “panicking” last week when he suggested the government needed to be developing a response to the crumbling financial situation?

    Harper certainly seems to be the one scrambling now.

    But then he should after famously suggesting a month or so ago that economically he thought if things were going to get worse they “would have already” and that nothing other than a steady hand on the tiller was needed.

    Who is fear-mongering on the economy now? Harper out on the trail screeching about inflation and deficits if he isn’t in power. Pretty rich for a PM whose been spending like a drunken sailor since he took the helm.

    And commercials showing plummeting markets with some fearful family watching, saying any other leader is too great a risk.


  • Ted

    They read the Star and believed Dion would win, they fear a carbon tax.

    In all seriousness, the market is international Scott. You should know that. Dion’s economic template, Sweden, is suffering the same downturn.

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