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Overseas markets continue to tank; Harper says “don’t worry be happy”

The Nikkei Market as of this morning has suffered its worst drop since the 1987 Stock Market crash. 250 billion $ in shares were lost (so far) today.

But hey, according to Prime Minister Harper, Canadians shouldn’t worry. as that plunge will result in great buying opportunities in the stock market as a result of all that panic.

Don’t worry, be happy, Canadians!

UPDATE @ 8:20 am: Great bit of snark from one of the folks at the Globe and Mail today over that “buying opportunities” line Harper used yesterday:

Because you see, as an economist, Stephen Harper knows that if you have just lost half your retirement savings, your job is in jeopardy and the value of your house has plummeted, the best thing you can do – really, the smartest thing you can possibly do – is to go sell an organ, a kidney, maybe your liver, then take the proceeds and see if you can get a bargain basement price on some CIBC shares.

“Stephane Dion won’t give out stock tips. Leaders tell you to buy stocks in a plummeting market. Stephane Dion hasn’t told anyone to sell their TV to buy twenty shares in RIM. Stephane Dion: not a stock pusher. Not a leader.”

(H/T Impolitical, for finding that.)

The media are picking up on that line.. as I said yesterday, let’s make him wear that line.

UPDATE 2 @ 8:45am: If you missed Harper’s “Dont Worry, Be Happy” spiel on CBC yesterday, Red Tory has the video that should inspire you all to plunge into the stock market.


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