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New Liberal Ads – and where do we go from here when going after Harper.

The first one, as you might guess, again goes after Harper’s economic record.

The only regret I have about this ad is that it wasn’t planned for release tomorrow, because I think that line of Harper’s where he said “there are probably some great buying opportunities emerging on the stock market as a consequence of all this panic. could have been added to great effect in this ad. That comment is going to bite him big-time, if it gets repeated to the Canadian public, but there’s still time to use it, of course. Anyhow this is still quite hard-hitting, particularly with all the media quotes.

The 2nd ad is a bit more of a feel-good “Why I’m voting Liberal” theme:

….though it does add a few digs at Harper.

You can say what you like about how the campaign has gone, but the Liberal War Room and the ad-makers have done in my opinion a very good job with their ads. Some others agree.

As I said earlier, I think we should be punching Harper in the mouth over and over again with that “great buying opportunities emerging in the stock market as a consequence of all this panic, line he did. That shows him out-of-touch with ordinary Canadians, and damages him and the Conservative Party far more then anything the Liberals or others could say about him. Dion needs to be bringing it up at every stump speech, and I think we need some more commercials hammering on this.

James Carville, a Democratic operative and strategy guy who was very good in the Bill Clinton Days, once said that when your opponent is drowning, throw them an anvil. In my opinion, that quote is a self-inflicted wound of Harper’s, and is potentially the anvil. We just need to throw it at him over and over.


4 comments to New Liberal Ads – and where do we go from here when going after Harper.

  • me dere robert

    The only problem is, here in Atlantic Canada anyway, that we don’t see them on TV!!

    I’ve seen one Liberal ad all campaign. Last night I noticed over a dozen NDP ads (the new cartoon ones).

    May is also on every second commercial and I’ve seen Harpers new “Mom and kid” ad about 6 times so far.

    Nothing from the Liberals.

  • Agree with you Scott – hammer it over & over in ads, comments to the press, at meetings, etc.

    btw – my posts are still not making it to Prog Blogs even though you said you changed the feed. Hope you get the new site changes up soon. 🙂

  • saisai

    well the advil might be in this news story:

    Conservatives vow surpluses through 2013

    and they have the nerve to project a surplus!

  • Joseph

    I agree with you 100%.

    Who at Liberal headquarters can we tell? ; )

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