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Evidence of more Conservative negligence on Listeriosis

Disgraceful and shocking:

Four months before the Maple Leaf outbreak started claiming lives, Canada’s food safety agency quietly dropped its rule requiring meat-processing companies to alert the agency about listeria-tainted meat, a Toronto Star/CBC investigation has found…Before April 1, if a company preparing meat for sale to the public had a positive test showing listeria it “would have had to have been, not only brought to the (federal) inspector’s attention, but the inspector would have been involved in overseeing the cleanup,” says Bob Kingston, head of the union that represents Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspectors…The inspection agency confirmed to the Star/CBC that there is currently no onus on companies to alert inspectors about positive bacterial results. The change came as part of a federal decision to allow companies to write their own food safety plans, with federal approval.

As a result of this Harper-Conservative initiated deregulation and loosening of the rules, due to his ideological opposition to anything remotely to do with the federal government having any oversight, we’ve probably had far more deaths (now up to 20) then might have been the case, had the original rules been in place requiring a company to report any instances of listeria-affected meat to the federal authorities.

Again, the parallels to the tainted water tragedy of Walkerton and the attitudes and policies of the provincial Conservative government of Mike Harris toward government oversight is very striking. This is yet more evidence that Harper’s Conservative deregulation of health food safety has partly been responsible for this Listeriosis health crisis and tragedy.

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6 comments to Evidence of more Conservative negligence on Listeriosis

  • kwittet

    yes…so maple leaf and all these food companies are going to release poison food upon the population because the torys didnt require them to report it…cmon guys..give me a you really think that this is going to happen? these companies are the ones you think if they had to report it that they would wait for the feds to say..ok..release tainted food..or dont do it?? you guys are so desperate to get the libs in no matter how you try to spin this or any thing for that matter..we need less goverment involvement in our live..not more.

  • Brammer

    Former Blue Bomber kicker now CPC candidate drops a bomb

  • foottothefire

    Listerius Steve at the helm, folks.

  • The Canadian Medical Association has very damning things to say as well, in the October 8, 2008, edition of the Canadian Medical Association journal. They speak out against the way the listeria crisis was grossly mishandled — and they warn that listeria is just the beginning. They state:

    “And listeriosis may be the least of it. The same November 2007 Cabinet decision that handed self-inspection to the owners of meat plants did the same for operators of animal feed mills and cut back the avian influenza preparedness program. Yet bad animal feed led to the epidemic of bovinespongiform encephalitis (mad cow disease), and in an influenza pandemic tens of thousands of Canadians may die. Listeriosis pales in comparison. Overall, it would seem that, as a country, Canada is far less prepared now for epidemics than in the past.”

    – Editorial, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Oct 7, 2008 issue

  • I hope this is all over the media. It might just give Harper a few less votes.
    I wonder what he is cooking up for Quebec today.? This is worse than letting Del Monte canning go to China.

  • Northern PoV

    The Walkerton bad-water scandal happened during Mike Harris first term and he won reelection before it really blew up. It was certainly one of the many issues that defeated his party the next time they went to the polls (after Harris had handed over his sinking ship to the hapless Ernie Eves).

    These guys aint really made of Teflon, it just takes a while (too long!) to stick when the media is busy covering the Seinfeld election issues.

    (disclosure – this comment has been posted elsewhere)

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