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Ipsos: Dion is “clear winner” in French language debate.

Very nice:

The Winner…

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion emerges as the clear winner of Wednesday’s debate with 40% of Canadian voters who viewed the French language debate saying he won, compared with 24% who feel that Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe won, 16% who feel that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper emerged victorious, 11% who feel that NDP Leader Jack Layton won, and just 1% who feel Green Leader Elizabeth May won.

Dion also scored best in “being prime ministerial” as well as having “the best policies and ideas”, and I really liked seeing this:

Impressions of the Leaders…

Subtracting worsened impressions from improved impressions, opinions of Stephane Dion improved (net +56) the most as a result of the debate, while Jack Layton (net +48) also fared well. Gilles Duceppe (net +30) also had a solid performance, according to those who watched the debate, as did Elizabeth May (net +18). Opinions of Stephen Harper plummeted (net -39) among those who viewed the debate.

Gee.. I guess the warm and fuzzy sweater stuff didn’t work when Harper actually had to have his feet held to the fire. And this could also be a good sign for Dion:

Effect of Debate on Vote…

Overall, the effect of this debate on voters’ intentions has not been insignificant. Two in ten (20%) French-speaking Canadians who watched the debate say that they have changed their mind about who to vote for on October 14 as a result of viewing the debate.

We’ll have to see in the next week or so if that translates into Liberal poll #’s in Quebec going up, but when even Monsieur Lapierre thinks Dion won hands down, and Chantal Hebert also said he did very well, you know he had a good night and made a good impression.

Now on to the English-speaking debate. Dion reportedly kept his cool in the French debate, and he’ll need to do so again. I’ve no doubt his opponents, particularly Harper, will try to frustrate and enrage him and get him to say something that might get “lost in translation”, so it’s important that Dion not allow Harper or the others to bait him.

UPDATE @ 11:41 am: From Steve’s site – La Presse/CROP finds similar results to Ipsos.


1 comment to Ipsos: Dion is “clear winner” in French language debate.

  • I think this will help him.

    Even if he doesn’t “win” the English debate, the narrative will be “Dion exceeds expectations by winning one debate and (theoretically) doing well in another”. Couple that with any sort of shift in the horserace numbers and the media could start treating him and his campaign very, very differently.

    Besides, the Couillard feeding frenzy is just about to start, and Harper’s little Australian oopsie is still kicking around, too. All of a sudden it’s the Liberal war room that looks sharp, while the Tories look battered.

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