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A rather timely new Liberal ad.

I was away all day and missed all the fun in finding out not only do Harper and the Conservatives claim that certain experts in their field support their specific policies when they really don’t, but they also like to copy stuff word for word from other leaders – commonly known as plagiarism.

This was a word-for-word copy of John Howard’s speech over reasons why countries should join the US in going to Iraq, which makes this new campaign ad of the Liberals rather timely:


5 comments to A rather timely new Liberal ad.

  • Phillip Huggan

    I’ve accounted the societally high ROI 3 year expenditures of all 5 parties; positive externalities like environmental capital costing, R+D, daycare, foreign aid, and mental health + affordable housing programmes to fight homelessness. Rankings are: 1st Greens $172B, 2nd Libs $45B, 3rd NDP $45B, 4th Bloc $15B, 5th Cons $8B.
    Ignoring off-the-chart Greens, Liberals have highest environment and R+D totals, NDP best childcare and highest sindustry penalty, and Bloc the best anti-homelessness strategies:

  • @JackisBack
    You posted this same dribble on my site. Have some more Orange Koolaid.


  • Walkswithcoffee

    A strong leader that plagiarizes; for a follower vote Harper

    Cheers, coffee

  • JackisBack

    Yes, quite the coincidence isn’t it! Really, the Liberals really have no moral authority to be pointing fingers. Especially over some tired speech writer stealing words – the Liberals stole millions of taxpayer’s money. Vote for Jack. The ethical choice!

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Mr. Harper is a follower

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