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Remember the “Dewey beats Truman” newspaper headline?

..which took place before all the votes were counted, and it ended up being Truman who was victorious, which resulted in that famous photo of him waving the premature announcement of his defeat?

Well, here’s a humourous spoof on that photo I found tonight:

The story to explain that photo-shopped photo would be this:

Just yesterday, Lindsey Graham told Fox News, “Thank God John [McCain] came back” to work on the bailout package. Around the same time, McCain’s chief campaign strategist was on NBC, bragging that it was John McCain who brought House Republicans to the negotiating table, making a deal likely. And it was McCain himself, just this morning, who was taking credit for “building a winning bailout coalition — hours before the vote failed and stocks tanked.” McCain assumed victory was at hand, and he was rushing to position himself as the hero who saved the day.  As of this afternoon, John McCain looks pretty foolish.

The vote supporting the bailout failed by a 228 – 205 margin. Over 2/3 of Republicans opposed this bill. So much for McCain and his “leadership” on the issue.


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