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Which party leader refused to answer questions about poverty in Canada?

The group Make Poverty History was launched in 2005 with the very laudable goal of ending child poverty in Canada, as well as some other goals that you can read about here.

They wanted to remind everyone that they not too long ago asked the five party leaders in Canada a series of questions:

The questions include whether the leaders agree with the four main goals of the Make Poverty History campaign; if they support the UN target of giving 0.7% of Canada’s income in foreign aid; whether they would commit to developing a national poverty reduction strategy with measurable goals and a timeline; what they planned to do about First Nations poverty and if they supported the Kelowna Accord or similar plan to alleviate First Nations poverty.

Well, 4 of those 5 party leaders answered those questions. And which leader refused to answer? One guess:

Stephen Harper’s office responded that they were not going to answer the questions, as they felt they were too specific.

Ah yes.. we wouldn’t want to get tied up in detailed answers, now would we? It mirrors what he and his candidates have been doing this election; running a peek-a-boo, “iron bubble” type campaign, with as little public or media exposure as possible.

More from the Make Poverty site on what you might do – ask Stephen Harper to go on the record about what he and his Conservative Party intend to do about poverty.


3 comments to Which party leader refused to answer questions about poverty in Canada?

  • Prairie Kid

    Why not get Paul Martin up there to make his statement again about abolishing poverty by the year 2000? Would you sooner have leaders spouting off on something they know they can’t fix and making idiotic statements like Paul Martin did or a leader who knows better than to make irresponsible statements that could come back to haunt him.

  • jenn

    Your right Harper is not the leader Canada needs or wants. He doesn’t reflect the values of the majority of Canadians.

    With Dion as leader, the Liberals are in free-fall and there is NO WAY that they will be able beat Harper. The Liberal Party is in the doldrums in BC and QC while the New Democrats are surging.

    To progressive voters:

    Unlike the LPC the NDP will get out of Afghananistan and commit the peace dividend to increase foreign aid overtime to meet the .7% promise that no Liberal government has met after nearly 50 years of promising.

    The NDP has promised 1Billion in funding for Native communities to improve eduction, living conditions, etc.

    The NDP has committed to end poverty by 2020 and the platform is actually written to make that happen. The child benefit combined with more child care spaces and the affordable housing strategy.

    Unlike the Liberal plan it isn’t a complete muddle promising massive corporate tax cuts (including the income trust promise) and lots of social spending while trying to completely rework the income tax system. Dion’s plan is not visionary its crazy!

    Layton like Gary Doer or Tommy Douglas before, get that you need solid finances to be able to do any of the social spending that will help Canadian families. So Layton and his team have crafted a balanced approached which keeps the corporate taxation rate stable for big biz, keeps the budgeted Conservative tax cuts for small biz, keeps the GST where it is.

  • Luke

    It’s not a vote getter like the GST cut.

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