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New Liberal Campaign Ad

UPDATE @ 1:24 pm: My thoughts on the ad.

Another ad linking the economy to the environment by the Liberals, as well as bringing in the world perspective on going green and showing the links to the economy. I particularly like the showing of the US flag, and the newspaper clipping on jobs (if you read the fine print, you’ll see it’s referring to the State of California), because it implies even the US is doing something to acknowledge the environment and the economy are now linked, while Canada under Harper has done nothing.

Canadians have to realize if Harper is re-elected – particularly with a majority – and his policies of doing nothing on the environment or GHG emissions continues, we will become even more of a pariah in the world when it comes to the environment, and we will be even more isolated after the US presidential election, regardless which candidate wins, and particularly if Obama wins. Obama and his economic advisers are making it quite clear they will seriously look at not buying oil from nations that have no serious attempts at controlling GHG – and Canada’s tarsands were specifically mentioned by an Obama adviser in that vein.

Canadians need to really think hard if they really want more of Harper’s environmental inaction on the environment and the consequences that will bring. They also have to realize the environment and the economy are now linked — they do not have to be at odds with one another – as Harper and his Conservatives paint it.


13 comments to New Liberal Campaign Ad

  • I like the headlines in the ad too. So I read the articles – the Liberals probably should have done the same. First off the one from the States is from a trumped up blog. Second, all of them say that the answer to a green economy is ‘Cap and Trade’ – something that Dion says ‘defies reality’.

    One of the articles from the ad had some really good advice for Dion:

    “Hutton said the government would not pick winners and support them. There is no going back to the 1960s or 1970s, he said.”

  • kwittet

    Originally Posted By Ted“Trudeau had style. blockquote>

    Trudeau didnt have style. he was a snake charmer. He reminds me..and oh please dont go nuts anyone..of Hitler..trudeau had a magnetisim about him that drew people in. that is the only similairity i see. The huge difference is that Hitler encouraged his people when they were down and out to rebuild the country and the armed forces where trudeau encouraged people through his social programs to destroy the armed forces and sit on their asses and do nothing!!

  • A non-emu's opinion

    The fight over climate change is over, people. We lost.

    CO2 emissions simply don’t matter any more. What matters now is figuring out how we’re going to live in the worst of what climate change brings. This isn’t a small problem as food supplies get cut short due to increased drought, flooding, and the extended range of pests and disease in our soon to be warmer climate. It’s not a small problem, yet the only solution Harper has proposed to anything is hoping individual businesses will come up with answers. Didn’t work for Listeria, won’t work for this.

  • Ted

    “Its sad that for a fair # of Canadians.. theyve turned into Americans by preferring style over substance.”

    Scott, I am not sure what this statement means. Harper has no “style” like a Obama.
    Canadians see Harper as a boring, but intelligent and reliable manager of the economy.
    Harper does not have “style”. Trudeau had style. Maybe Layton has some.

  • Ted

    Not a good idea to ban ALW, he is articulate. There is nothing wrong with good debate. He is not being profane or obscene. This blog will become irrelevent when ideas are banned. Very sad, but telling of the far left.

  • Joe

    Scott has banned ALW because poor old Scott cant win against superior logic and being on the wrong side yet again frustrates the poor boy.

    Like BCL, Tribe forgets the Chretien majorities of <40% and spews the “most people didnt vote for” mantra that comes from being a loser in our ftp system.

    The shoe is on the other foot and Tribey is stuck with two far left shoes and is flat on his back as a result.

    A Harper majority will go along way towards offing the economic idiocies and junk science of Suzuki and co…Dion will be personally bankrupt in three months and living out of his car.

    This is called just deserts for the crap the Liberals have done to this once great country.

  • kwittet

    Well…i am stocking up on my survival kit because starting Oct 15th ARMAGEDON is coming if Harper gets elected. Yes you are all right…the economy is connected to the enviroment..that is because some people are getting filthy rich scaring the shit out of any one who will believe them. say you are all about democracy yet when conservative MPs or candidates speak there minds you critisize them? Whether or not I agree with their views at least they have the BALLS to not choose be so POLITICALLY CORRECT and have their own view instead of towing the party line. That is why the liberals have not had problems. because they have no opinions of their own. They are all too afraid to speak out on what they really believe for fear of reprisals from the party. What the hell is wrong with us? Do you really believe that Harper is sitting in his easy chair right now saying to his wife..i hate canada and i am going to destroy it? I dont belive that is what Dion wants either. I think that they have different views and a different approach on how to make this country better. In my own view I believe that adding another “tax” when the economy is slowing is a bad idea. Some think that we will all be better off. That is why I hate the way our political system works. I firmly believe we need a system where there is no such thing as a minority goverment. We have had one for the last few years yet it acted like a majority because the opposition didnt do its job when canadians were paying them to do so. I have said on here many times that I dont always agree with Harper and the way he does things(attack ads for one) ..and to be honest i see a few things in the Liberal platform that turn me on too. NDP..well..i always knew Jack was a card carrying communist.

    Oh…and i see you are supporting your beliefs in free speach by banning ALW. When you run a blog which solicits opinions you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad and I have never seen him insult you in a bad way. He just gets in your face.

  • @cari

    Canadians will vote for who they wish, but they need to realize the consequences of their actions. Or at least, the 35-40% currently of Canadians who support the Conservatives need to realize it. Unfortunately, they;re prepared to vote for Harper when he hasn’t even released a platform, and all he has done is run fuzzy arm sweater ads and attacked the Green Shift.

    It’s sad that for a fair # of Canadians.. they’ve turned into Americans by preferring style over substance.

    Oh.. and I’ve had it with ALW’s trolling.. he’s been banned from this site.

  • Personally I expect harshly punitive and economy-destroying measures from Europe and even the USA over the Tar Sands. Think softwood lumber. There is simply no excuse for the Tar Sands emissions and horrific pollution. This isn’t some poor country where people die immediately if the foreign exchange slows down. This is a rich country with no excuse at all for this kind of horror.

  • @Prairie Kid

    Negative attack is Stephen Harper saying the oppositions are praying for recession. Liberals ad on the other hand is statement of fact. What kind of democracy would we have if you are not allowed to criticize wrong doing. Harper on the other hand is more focus on smear campaign.

  • Prairie Kid

    Here’s what Dion said just before the election was called.

    “He said the Liberals won’t resort to “the negative, nasty approach of the Conservative party and their current leader.””

    A real leader says one thing and sticks to it. Dion flip flops so often no one knows what he really stands for . . . and that’s the biggest problem with the Liberal platform and the reason Liberals are not connecting with the Canadian public.

  • A great many people, sadly, do not believe this. They will believe it, when Harper gets in, and it is too late for Canada. What is the matter……do they forget?

  • The environment?

    It’s the economy, Stephane!

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