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Archives about to release 3rd party-ads to defeat key Harper MP’s

If you’re wondering who is, here’s their mission statement. And if you’re wondering what they’re going to be doing in the Canadian election campaign, they say a picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case, a screen shot):

(Actual blog entry here)

So in brief, they’re going to start off running 3rd-party ads in 3 Conservative MP’s ridings – one being John Baird, one being Peter MacKay, and the 3rd being Randy Camp in BC – and urging “progressive voters” to vote for the candidate they feel has the best chance of ousting the Conservative MP. In MacKay’s case, AVAAZ is endorsing Green Party leader Elizabeth May. In John Baird’s case, they’re urging voters to vote for Liberal Stephen Pratt, and in Camp’s case, they’re asking voters to choose NDP’er Mike Bocking.

Whether or not you agree with strategic voting or not, look at their donations, because that’s what really caught my eye; the donations they’ve already received to jumpstart this ad campaign. Note the donation line in pink under Harper’s leering picture. They were asking people for a fundraising goal of 50 000$, and at the time of this screen capture, they had already raised and had donated to them 38,295$ in the first 8 hours of their donation campaign! Incredible. (I think the Liberals need to look into hiring those fundraiser folks 😉 )

I hope to see them do some national campaign ads too. 3rd party election laws allow for a 150 000$ national campaign, so they’d have 100 000$ still to do some more, if they thought it would be a good investment.

If people are willing to donate this fast for some advertising in 3 ridings (note that all donations accepted are only from Canadian citizens) then I’d bet they’d do the same for a national advertisement in the national dailies or in commercials on the national TV networks (maybe not to urge strategic voting in general, because I don’t think that would be effective or accepted, but to urge the general ousting of this regressive Conservative government).

(H/T Une Femme Verte)


19 comments to about to release 3rd party-ads to defeat key Harper MP’s

  • zhlob

    Dear Craig:

    1. Please check website. They address is on Broadway in NY, NY USA.

    2.If you know of Harper taking US$$ under the table and of other bad things that you elucidated above, and you still keep that knowledge for yourself – you are complicit in a cover-up. Please report your findings to authorities immediately!!! We do need clean government!

  • zhlob

    @Craig Hubley

    Dear Graig:

    Check their website, before spewing nonsense. Return address is on Broadway in New York. So, looks like Soros and Gore are stupid.

  • Craig Hubley

    @pveezy – Yes, absolutely, politics is about avoiding the worst outcomes. If you want visions and aspirations, start a business or write a novel. The rest of us just need to keep the utter morons out of power, thanks.

  • Craig Hubley

    Zhlob, your criminal organization that bribes MPs and ignores Elections Canada rulings really has nothing it can say.

    Soros and Gore are not so stupid as to violate Canadian laws when dealing with an international criminal like Mr. Harper. I’m sure every cent they raise is properly accounted for, and if you think otherwise, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your Harper-style S.L.A.P.P. suit for defaming the good name of Gore and Soros.

    These are the rules YOU wanted, dude.

    And don’t tell me Harper hasn’t taken US dollars before under the table. He has violated every other law that there is.

  • Zhlob

    Avvaz is’s arm. Run from NY, headed by Al Gore, funds provided by Soros.
    So much for Canadian Election. Possibly it is illegal. Love to hear Electin Canada take on that

  • I sent my donation in already, and I’ve been promoting it ABC, and at Facebook… Last time I looked, they had raised more than $48,500… and I think the ads will be powerful.

  • zotski

    Good ads

  • cms

    Sort of like ‘save the cheer leader’… except in reverse.

    The message is resonating, there can be no doubt. I donated this afternoon when the tally was at just under $3,000.

  • wilson


    The sole reason to stop Harper is to…save the planet?
    It’s an environmental movement?

    And will AVAAZ be deciding which party voters must vote for if BOTH Libs and Dippers are polled to be running a close second in a riding?

    Has AVAAZ picked Jack or Stephane for Official Opposition leader?
    We really should know that first before they tell us how to vote.

  • This is so encouraging and powerful. Wow.

    I have come across a lot of really powerful push-back efforts today — one individual who made his own poster and taped it to a utility pole in downtown Peterborough; the Code Blue video, in which a group of women who are passionate about childcare issues are singing in unison about how they are going to defeat Stephen Harper; and now this amazing effort, too.

    What I love about their web page is that they totally understand why this government is so objectionable — even though so many Canadians apparently do not. Very cool.

  • mikejohn

    The strategy is to elect a whole parliament that will address climate change. It means voting for the candidate who can defeat the Conservative (see even if another candidate is a better parliamentarian. What possible excuse will we give our grandchildren for missing this opportunity? We need a resounding yes to the initiative and the initiative.

  • I’ve always been very leery about strategic voting. But in this case, given the stakes – and given the riding-by-riding approach Avaaz and other groups are taking – I am rapidly warming to the idea.

    Happily, the best chance candidate in my riding is also my candidate of choice. But honestly, if I lived in a heavy NDP riding right now… sorry, Garth.

  • I don’t know if it’ll have much effect, but vote-splitting is the central issue of the campaign; the left doesn’t want Harper, but can’t coalesce around a single leader. The preferred scenario is probably a Liberal/NDP/Green arrangement, but who’s going to bell that cat?

  • Kuri

    Not very original, Mike.

  • “Never be a sore winner before the actual result is in. It may come back to bite you.”

    Well, to be honest, as I’ve said before, I’m far from a Conservative partisan. I’m far too libertarian for most Conservative sensibilities.

    If the NDP was leading to the detriment of the Liberal Party, I’d probably be somewhat equally enthused.

    That’s the honest truth. I’m going to get big, intrusive government, any way I slice it.

  • pveezy

    Ok… So I see the new tactic is instead of voting for the candidate you truly believe is the best representative in parliament, you should instead try to manipulate and pervert democracy to keep a specific candidate out.


  • Gee Mike, I see the favourable poll results caused you to crawl out of your hole to pay me a visit.

    One piece of advice: Never be a sore winner before the actual result is in. It may come back to bite you.

  • Yes Scott, it’s ALL going to get better once Canadians hear these ads. Just keep telling yourself that.

    And we’ve got a nice cozy room with nice, soft, padded walls, where nobody can hurt you.

  • I was in a business meeting with Randy Kamp today. Not very helpful (our group was trying to get some changes to a level crossing that is killing business in our area – this is under Fed Dept. of Transport jurisdiction). Our Liberal Candidate is coming out to meet with us next Thursday.

    On a side note, a group of us are working on ads against another Conservative MP in Surrey. Stay tuned for more!

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