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Canadian artists react to Harper’s attack on Canadian culture.

Here are some of those $ 23 000/yr average salary arts elitists reacting to the Conservatives cuts to Canadian arts programs.

My take on Harper’s attempt at playing a culture war and engaging in classic Karl Rove and Mike Harris wedge/class politics is just below, if you missed it from last night.


6 comments to Canadian artists react to Harper’s attack on Canadian culture.

  • mauser98

    i want to be an astronaut/brain surgeon/sculptor. send me money now!

  • Ted

    My daughter is in a excellent choir. I do not expect the taxpayer to foot the bill.
    Only bad art needs a subsidy.

  • I suspect the video is unavailable because everyone is trying to access it at once.

    I think everyone who works in the arts or understands the importance of arts and culture in Canada is online today reacting to that offensive quote. I’ve blogged twice and I’m attending an arts meeting in my community tonight. I just blogged about the meeting, actually, in the hope that every writer, artist, creative person, etc., in the Peterborough area will attend — and that they’ll get the full picture of what has been going on and what’s at stake. Our local MP (Dean Del Mastro, Conservative) has been dutifully spewing out the Harper team key messages about all the wonderful things that have been going on during those behind-the-scenes arts cuts meetings (the ones that were done over the summer without any opportunity for consultation or public review).

    I think people need to know what’s really been going on in the backrooms on Parliament Hill. Fortunately, Canadian artists know how to choose the medium and express the message in a way that resonates with people who value Canadian arts, culture, and heritage. That’s their profession, their calling, their gift.

  • angelle

    The video is not longer available, so it tell me when I try to link?

  • Janice, so it’s ok with you for the government to bail out – whoops! I mean give incentives to GM to the tune of $400 million to keep a few jobs, but not to invest in the arts for $45 million, which fosters an industry that brings billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the economy? Why do you hate investment and job growth?

  • Janice

    I did not realize that Colin Mochrie was only paid $23,000 a year.

    In all seriousness though, I have never thought artist go into their field to make money. It has always been a hit or miss industry. You either make it or you don’t.

    It isn’t the government’s job to fund your dream if you really aren’t that good. Let’s be realistic.

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