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The new Liberal TV Ad: “Harpernomics and You”

This particular one  is a 15 second snippet, rather then the 30 second ones we’ve been seeing, but continuing on the “Harpernomics” and “Do you really want more of this?” theme we see in the Listeriosis Ad:

Again, this one is aimed at aggressively attacking the perception that Harper has created that somehow only the Conservatives can best manage the economy correctly. I’d prefer a 30 second segment showing more of what we’re going after Harper over on the “cutting economic development” front, but the Liberals might have something in mind by playing these quick ad bites.

Anyhow, perhaps they saw A Creative Revolution’s Youtube video on the same theme, and decided they liked it enough to do their own version of it. Let’s replay that one to show how the bloggers over there did it:


4 comments to The new Liberal TV Ad: “Harpernomics and You”

  • GABE

    Does anyone else find it somewhat problematic that someone (Harper) whose education is limited to an MA in economics, and who has no real world experience, would have any credibility whatsoever when it comes to the best economic policies for this country?

    Why don’t the Liberals let Canadians know about his qualifications to evaluate either the economy or the economic implications of the Liberal platform?

  • MississaugaPeter

    I give both a thumbs up.

    As long as there are dozens of other 15 second spots.

    A few 15 second positive ones highlighting Dion/Liberal leadership at work: goalmaking and the resulting 36+% women candidates; the plan for post secondary students; the doubling of $1200/year, infrastructure commitments…

    I am excited. Election night will be a lot closer than anyone thought a few days ago. And Nanos explaining why his polling is different from others is a pleasant pump up!

  • Deb Prothero

    Scott, the other powerful aspect of these campaigns is the black and white to emphasize that there are two choices in this campaign. In my opinion, this strengthens Dion’s Liberals as the choice.

  • Oh, now that last one was GREAT. Especially that “lowered expectations” singsong bit at the end. That says “meme”.

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