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Assorted campaign thoughts on Nanos, Liberals platform, and the CPC War Room

– The full Liberal election platform was released yesterday. There are many other bloggers who’ve released the details and explained what is there, so the only thing I’ll add to what they said or opined is that this couple of sentences in explaining the “costing” of the platform caught my eye:

The Conservative Government has not released the most recent projections of Government revenues despite the fact that this information is usually ready by the middle of September. This platform builds upon the most recent official estimates of the Government as found in Budget 2008.

Above and beyond the fact I hadn’t realized the Conservatives had delayed the revenues projection (which doesn’t surprise me in the least – and maybe someone should be asking them about that), the fact that the Liberal plans costsĀ  of their platform is based on the Conservatives last most recent estimates means that if the Cons. come out and criticize it as being “unrealistic”, they more or less are admitting their own costing figures are wrong. Perhaps that explains the almost muted response from the Conservative War Room which got them panned in the media and from observers.

– Speaking of the Conservative War Room, perhaps they just aren’t trusted enough to issue rebuttals to big events, since they apparently can’t even figure out the NDP is more then an Ottawa-based party. Who’s been assigned to the proof-reading up there in Conservative War-Room central?

– For those wondering about why Nanos has the race still fairly close as opposed to the rest of the polling firms, check out this interesting article in the Ottawa Citizen today, where Nik Nanos explains he believes it to be the methodology used.


3 comments to Assorted campaign thoughts on Nanos, Liberals platform, and the CPC War Room

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    Of course, the whole “Nanos close race” thing lasted for what, 23 hours? Then Nanos came out with THIS which has the Tories up by 11 points (38-27) and the Liberals down to a dismal FOURTH PLACE in QUEBEC!!!!

    Also, I found it funny that apparently on CPAC Nanos was saying that the Liberals had basically never (except for ’84) dipped below 28% (based on a comment at Kady’s). Then today, he comes out with a poll showing the Liberals at 27%.


    Good one Nik!

  • Joseph

    Good Post, Scott!

    Thanks for the nice summary and interesting links.

  • The Conservative strategy seems to be to talk as little about actual issues as possible. If one threatens to come up and expose their ineptitude, then protocol demands that one of them say something really stupid and/or offensive to distract people from their poor record on oh, say, the listeria issue, or the economy. Well played Steve.

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