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Crime bill posturing by Nicholson and Conservatives

So according to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, he and the Conservatives would rather force another election then back down on their “law and order” bills if they are re-elected with a minority government, and the opposition parties object to it.

An interesting tactic by Nicholson.. is he saying this merely to appeal to Conservative core support, as the article suggests, or is he doing it to implicitly say to Canadians, “Give us a majority so that we can pass this, or else the meanie opposition parties might block it and then we’ll have to put you through another election fairly soon again”.

Mr. Nicholson arrogantly forgets that if he and the Conservatives really want to make Criminal Code bills confidence measures (which, by the way, goes against yet another Conservative promise from the last election to only have supply or money bills introduced be confidence votes), and they get defeated in the House, there is nothing stopping the Governor-General from asking the next largest party in the House whether they can form the government and gain the confidence of the House – particularly if it’s fairly soon after the election.

Either way.. a rather bizarre timing to this type of bluster/threat, when we haven’t even gotten to the election yet. I’d have expected this immediately AFTER the election, if the Conservatives had been re-elected with a minority – not 3 weeks before the vote.


2 comments to Crime bill posturing by Nicholson and Conservatives

  • A non-emu's opinion

    The more interesting question though is.. would it work?

    Would repeated elections eventually wind up with a tory majority or with an opposition minority?

  • So what he’s saying is that “We’re going to have an election each time we don’t get what we want.” That sounds like either a childish threat (“I’ll hold my breath until you buy me that toy”) or someone who wants to numb the electorate into submission.

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