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The Nanos tracking poll tightens to 5 points.

The Sunday Nanos tracking poll shows another drop in Conservative support today – down from 11 on Friday, to 9 on Saturday to now just a lead of 5 points on the Liberals today. Are the new Liberal ads – 2 of them that are very tough on Harper – causing people to reconsider their support for Harper perhaps?

Results of today’s CPAC-Nanos tracking poll show the Conservatives leading in national support at 36%. Just 5 points behind are the Liberals at 31%, followed by the NDP at 20% and the Bloc Québécois and the Green Party tied at 7%. In Central Canada, the deadlock between the Conservatives and the Liberals in Ontario and the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc in Quebec continues.

It appears the Liberals have picked up some support in all areas across the country, while the Conservatives have dropped – most notably in Quebec. Now, I’ll say the tricky thing with daily tracking polls is you could see a completely different result tomorrow, but at least according to Nanos, the race, my friends, is far from over.


6 comments to The Nanos tracking poll tightens to 5 points.

  • ALW

    Oh yawn. You weren’t talking about Nanos when it was an 11 point spread were you?

    And you won’t be next week, either.

  • One still has to pay attention to the margin of error, even for the national numbers. But if these numbers are accurate, a six point drop in just two days is precipitous.

    The Cons losing another candidate — in Bob Rae’s district no less — and having to come up with a replacement just 24 hours before the nominating deadline isn’t going to help either.

  • The Nanos poll ends on Sept 20 not today. It is quite at variance with the Harris Decima 4 day poll ending the 20trh as well.
    This gives Conservatives 39% Liberals 23 NDP 17 Greens 11 and Bloc 9. This is quite a significant variation for some reason.

  • I didn’t know about anyone named Ritz before he got into trouble with his comment. Who are Harper’s other cabinet ministers? Where’s team Harper?

  • Blackstar

    I would think the ads have something to do with this, but I would think that the comparison of Ritz / Clement vs Ignatieff / Rae causes many to feel more comfort and confidence with what they would be getting in Liberal team vs Conservative hidden team. Especially out west and I note this is a Calgary herald piece. Key paragraphs here are as follows, IMHO:

    While Liberal Leader Stephane Dion rolled out some bench strength by campaigning with Ontario political heavyweights Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was on the defensive over controversial comments tied to two cabinet ministers.

    “The Conservatives did not have the week they wanted,” offered Allan Tupper, head of the political science department at the University of British Columbia. “The full consequences have yet to be seen.”

    Tupper said the defining moments of the week were positive for the Liberals, as Rae and Ignatieff moved to centre stage while Ritz’s comments “paint a lot of pictures” for undecided voters.

    Dion should also continue selling the “triumvirate” team approach alongside Ignatieff and Rae, he added.

  • Thanks Scott. It’s good to feel some hope. I just don’t think I can handle another 4 years of Cons running the government. I certainly don’t believe the environment will bear it well either. Dion seems to be getting better and better on the trail at least according to this CanWest article.

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