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Do Canadians really want more of Harper and his party?

I sure don’t:

Myself, I would have preferred if the Liberals would have been more specific in referencing the Canadian Medical Association Journal Article which blamed the Conservatives in part for this tragedy instead of just talking vaguely about failed measures, and I would have preferred talking about all the ex-Harris cabinet ministers that were in Mike Harris’s government whose similar measures led to Walkerton. It’s a good ad, but it could have been a much better ad.

Ultimately, as I and other progressive bloggers keep repeating, this shouldn’t be targeted solely on Ritz; this should be focused on the Conservatives policy in general of cutting funding for meat inspection programs, taking the government inspectors out of the meat-testing business, and letting the industry police itself. The question that should be asked is if Canadians really want more of that failed policy, and not just of Harper.


6 comments to Do Canadians really want more of Harper and his party?

  • JAWL

    Yes 16428 wilson.

    Our food system is now less safe.

    The plan to deregulate food inspection, where inspectors ceased performing listeria tests on the production floor and now focus on verification of processes used by reviewing reports prepared by the plant had been in place at Maple Leaf since March.

    The (large) listeria bacteria build up on the cutting machines that were formerly tested by inspectors has been determined to be the most likely source.

    The inspector at this facility is also now responsible for 5 other facilities.

    Where the plan intended to reduce actual food safety inspection time to 50%, (as in doing actual bacteria testing) the government admitted that the increased paperwork actually reduced time spent on the floor to as low as 20% or less as originally reported by CFIA union.

    As Ritz originally stated in July, the deregulation was originally intended to revamp the slaughterhouses not meat processing.

    The government has withdrawn funding for BSE (Mad Cow) inspections. It is now leaving it up to the industry to perform testing of cattle and the inspectors will review processes used and reports prepared.

    Yes our food system is less safe under Harper’s government.

  • wilson

    ‘It’s a new low’

    It sure is.
    Using the deaths of 18 Canadians to attack the Government, Harper and Ritz, is definitely a new low.

    So are Liberals saying our food system is unsafe and the Government is killing Canadians?

    Are Liberals saying telling a bad joke in private is grounds for firing?

    Are Liberals saying the PM should be responsible for every one of the 375billion telephone conversations held while in office?

    ‘Do you realy want more of this?’
    What? Liberals going US style attack ads?
    How desperate are Libs?

    Bets this ad will be pulled by Monday once the families of the 18 dead Canadians let Liberals know how sickened they are to be used as a political football by Liberals.

  • slg

    Okay, we have Jason Kenney running around like a kid chasing a fire engine – where the hell is Tony Clements?

  • Jaytoo

    Ultimately, as I and other progressive bloggers keep repeating, this shouldn’t be targeted solely on Ritz

    And good on you for repeating it, Scott. This is a story about the perils of allowing industries to police themselves – from food to airlines. This is a story about the withdrawal from governance. Ritz is easy to dislike, but scapegoating him on this occludes the broader issue amd the broader conservative agenda. As you say.

  • Scott–

    This is probably going to bring a 10 million tonne craphammer crashing down upon my head, but….

    Based on the responses of both sides in this matter I’m starting to wonder if, perhaps, Ms. May was right.

    In the ‘they’ not the ‘I’ sense of the thing, I mean.


  • Northern PoV

    Well said ….

    and do we want to live in an endless spin-cycle of attacks ads and sweater-commercials?

    (The attack ads running on almost 2 years now, unprecedented in CDN politics and the sweater ads run heavily in the PRE-writ period – also unprecedented and another testing-the-limits of election-spending laws, IMHO)

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