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Anything But Conservative.

Your website link for the day: The title of the website is Vote Anything BUT Conservative. It’s been shortened down however to Anything But Conservative, or ABC.

Also, a nice link to Newfoundland Premier Danny William’s ABC site, as well as pointing to their “Anything But Conservative – Project ABC” Facebook group.

H/T: Nottawa


4 comments to Anything But Conservative.

  • KARL

    Why can`t you people understand that Harper is simply a liar.Facts are facts , do some homework and find the truth , and it`s based on FACT.Oh by way Moebius, Ont. is now classed as a have not province and we here in NL are now a have prov. It`s in no way related to what Canada has done for us. Since 1949 we have been raped,pillaged and plundered by the fed govt.of Canada– check the facts before you make unfounded allegations. I`ll give you a starting point , the fisheries.

  • Moebius

    Explain to Ontarians (and Albertans) why you think they should:

    a) keep sending equalization dollars to N&L, and b) allow Danny to keep all of his petro-dollars.

    That’s what ABC is all about.

    You’ll lose a few more Ontarian votes that way.

  • Thanks for the link, Scott!

    @kwittet: I’m not suggesting that the Conservatives are responsible for all global warming, as Canada produces something like 2.3 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (although that is telling, as we have a much, much smaller fraction of the world’s population)…

    But I am suggesting that Canada is standing in the way of an international climate change agreement because we are — Canada and the US were booed at the Bali summit in December 2007, and the only country to oppose a climate change agenda at the Commonwealth conference last November.

    And I am certain that global warming is real, and serious, and that our time is running out.

    But… I also believe that Canada is missing out. I research hundreds of clean technology and renewable energy deal each week (my job), and I know billions are being spent every day to create a low-carbon economy. We’re falling so far behind we may never catch up.

    Conservatives around the world are embracing this new economy. I believe it will save us… but Harper has his head buried in the Tar Sands.

  • kwittet

    Hey Cousin

    I can believe that you would put a link up to that site on your site! Do you really believe that Harper is to blame for all those doomsday scenarios they talk about on there, because that is the implication that he is! DO you really think that even if all of that was true that Canada could make even a small dent in the so called crisis? Scott. You cant blame all the worlds problems on the conservatives. I realize he is far from perfect and to be honest I dont have a ton of faith in any of them. I just vote the in whoevers says they arent going to tax me to death. a neighbour of mine summed it up the other day…he said exactlly… I AM NOT VOTING BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL F***ING LIARS they lie to get elected..they steal our money and give it away to things we dont want them to and then they get fat cat pensions that make joe taxpayers wages look meager by comparison. and then he added..if one person tells me i dont have the right to complain because i didnt vote, i tell them i do because i still have to live with the decisions they make. if i have no right to complain then they have no right to tax me. Says lots doesnt it?? Its very common thinking among the average joe out there. It really is qiute sad that given the great country we live in that over the last 25 years politics has become more or less corupt to the point that people have lost faith in the system!!

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