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A break from politics, Part 2.

Alzheimer’s Disease sucks.  Read up on the disease and ways you can help the  Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, and in particular, consider holding an Alzheimer’s Society coffee break fundraiser. My mom decided to hold one this past Friday, setting 200$ for the afternoon as her fundraising goal, and she raised over 450$,  with more late donations rolling in.

May I also say cancer also sucks.  Find out more about how you can help defeat this insidious disease here


2 comments to A break from politics, Part 2.

  • Frankly Canadian

    My father in law passed away with that horrible disease, and what people need to remember is that it hurts the people closest the most, they need as much support as possible.

  • I know someone with that and it is very sad. She stares all the time, as if wondering where she is…very vacant and one time, I went to go, I squeezed her hand and she said “go sway, I don’t know you” That hurt.
    Her husband said she has done the same thing with him. It is harder on the loved ones than the patient.

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