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Conservatives own secret study supports a carbon tax.

This was first brought to my attention on Friday by a Green Blogger pointing out that the Green Party had used the Access to Information Act to reveal a secret Conservative government study that shows the economic costs of a carbon tax in Canada starting at 50$/ton are not only negligible to the economy in the first few years, but show a net positive for a carbon tax in raising Canada’s gross domestic product:

The report supports a carbon tax as an effective way to make significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and concludes that a $50/tonne tax on carbon would have an insignificant impact on the Canadian economy and would open tremendous economic opportunities. The model estimates this carbon tax shift would cut emissions by about 36 megatonnes (MT) by 2010, 59 MT by 2015 and 114 MT by 2030.. The report – Cost Curves for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Canada: The Kyoto Period and Beyond – concludes that the GDP impact of a $50/tonne tax shift is less than 0.1% of GDP per year until 2010, is virtually zero during the next five years and is then positive after 2015. Further, the report projects net financial savings to those who take action as a result of the tax shift, after taking into account the investment in emissions reductions. At $50 per tonne, that windfall comes to $13.8 billion by 2010 and climbs from there.

You can understand why Harper and the Cons would hide this report, and why it would take a Freedom Of Information Act request to reveal it. This story has gotten many, many bloggers discussing the secret report and the Conservatives hypocrisy in not releasing it.

It has even got Senator Elaine Mccoy, the independent Progressive Conservative Senator from Alberta, writing today about the deceit of the Conservative government in hiding this report from Canadians. She also calls this government report on the carbon tax “very credible”.

If I were a media person, I might ask Harper or Environment Minister John Baird (if they can find him – he seems to have disappeared since the election call) their reaction to this report. Obviously, they didn’t like the conclusions if they decided to try and hide it. I might also remind them that Baird and Jason Kenney are on record as refusing to release the details (about the cost to consumers) of their so-called environmental plan until after the election. I might be asking if that’s really acceptable to be hiding such crucial details from the public during an election campaign. If the Conservatives are going to fear-monger over the Green Shift, when their own government report says a carbon tax higher then what the Liberals are currently proposing isn’t going to hurt the economy and indeed will eventually raise Canada’s GDP, they need to be called out on it. Furthermore, the simple questions to ask them are:

    Where are your environmental plan’s details?
    What are your plan’s proposed costs?
    Why are you trying to hide them or not release them until after the election?

Canadians and the media at large should demand that the Conservatives put out the details of their environmental plan of what types of costs to consumers will be incurred by them under the Conservative plan to cut emissions of GHG. It is only fair, so we can compare the plans and allow Canadians to make a choice based on facts and statistics, rather then letting the Conservatives continue to fear-monger by saying stuff like Harper claiming the Green Shift will harm national unity, or even more ridiculous stuff like Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant claiming that the Liberals under the Green Shift would ban or tax firewood.

Demand the details.


6 comments to Conservatives own secret study supports a carbon tax.

  • kwittet

    Thanks for the link. I work for a living so I dont have alot of time to read every link on every page. I am still confused though why the major media outlets havent run with this? I did leaf through most of that long and awfully BORING report today. It admits on many ocassions that assumptions are made to get the figures. To me that is not accurate science. Science is entering EXACT DATA in a controled situation and coming out with 100% right results. That is why there is so many people out there denying the fact that man is contibuting so much to global warming. I heard a British scientist on Charles Adler a few weeks ago saying that the average median temperature of the earth has actually RISEN 0.8 degrees the last two years. Look. I am not denying that we are doing damage to the enviroment because I know we are. Here are a few examples of my train of thought. The US dropped two atom bombs on Japan in 1945. Radaiation is the most toxic substance we create. Yet here were are less than 70 years later and people are living there again. I have seen many old movie clips of Canada and the US in our industrial revolution and the smog in the air was far worse then that what it is now. Somehow we got through those times and our weather patterns were normal for many years. This year alone due to weather we have had only a fraction of the smog days we had last year. The earth heals itself. Billions of years ago huge meteors hit earth engulfing the planet in dust and killing every living thing for many millions of years. Yet the earth healed and we are here. What we are pumping into our enviroment is miniscule compared to the meteors. Yes the Artic is melting. I just dont believe we are causing it. Al Gores dire predictions have made him a rich man but to say that we are more almighty than all of the conditions that created us and our weather and that we can alter it beyond repair is purely arrogance. So that is why any Carbon plan is wrong in my eyes whether it is Liberal or Conservative and especially Green Party. It is a sexy topic because of people like Gore who want to get rich scaring people that if we dont do something soon all life will end!!

  • If anyone has had the misfortune of wathcing the Con attack ad, that has dice in it, the gambling angle, they actually criticize Dion for not providing enough details of his plan before the election. I almost fell off my chair, these guys DELAYED their details, and they have the audacity to throw dirt. Off the charts AMAZING.

  • Sigh..
    Cousin… all you needed to do was look at the footnotes of the Carbon Tax link the Green Party provided… or that was a Senator McCoy’s page.

    I’ll provide it for you, but if you’re going to shill fort Harper, at least do a better job of pretending you actually bothered to read links πŸ™‚

  • kwittet

    I followed all the links provided and yet dont see any actual PROOF that this so called document actually exists!! I am not saying it doesnt but I dont see the document so until it is shown then it is just rumour, and the fact that there is nothing in the news about this? Again you quote links as gospel yet the links provided show no proof. What you need is Chretien to post on here…a proof is a proof and if it is a good proof den it is proven…hell..we will all believe it then!!!

  • ted

    Maybe they want to wait until after the election.

    I remember Bob Stanfield ran on wage and price controls, Trudeau ridiculed him in the election campaign, and voila, Trudeau got re-elected and brought in wage and price controls.

    Fast forward 1992. The Liberals ran against NAFTA and GST. We all know what happened.

    Conservatives are finally learning the Liberal tricks on getting elected.
    The Liberals had it coming.

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